Digital economic release development bonus

  This newspaper Beijing September 17 (Reporter Han Xin) National New Office held a press conference on the 17th, introducing the 3rd digital China Construction Summit. "The 3rd Digital China Construction Summit will be held in Fuzhou, Fujian from October 12 this year." Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of the National Internet Information Office, said that the summit takes "innovative driving digital transformation, intelligent leading high quality development" The subject, including the opening ceremony, the main forum, sub-forum, the results exhibition, the innovation competition, the application scenario release, and the closing ceremony, and the online line is taken in combination.

The 20th anniversary of the construction of digital Fujian will be held, reviewing the number of digital Fujian, looking forward to digital China. Zhao Long, Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, executive deputy governor Zhao Long said that the summit will set up the "Cloud Summit" platform, and the simultaneous presence of the summit in the online line. The results show will be simultaneously opened "Yunzhan District", through cloud computing, VR, artificial intelligence, etc., fully demonstrate the latest results of digital China construction. At the same time, the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Digital Technology Application Zone", fully demonstrates the application of digital technology to promote the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Many industry leaders concentrated on a group of newest scientific and technological achievements, the first exhibition rate of new products will exceed 50%. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country

Yang Xiaowei is summarized as 5 aspects: the construction of information infrastructure is new.

5G Commercial speeds up, until the end of last year, the country has opened 130,000 base stations, and 5G users grow rapidly.

Information technology innovation has achieved new progress, in the global innovation index, my country maintains an upward momentum for 4 consecutive years. Digital economic development takes new stairs, last year my country’s digital economic added value accounted for a maximum weight of GDP. Digital Huimin’s convenience has achieved new results, and the international ranking of the e-government development index released by the United Nations has been raised from the sixty-fifth bits of 2018 to the forty-fifth. The number "One Belt" is harvested to achieve new achievements. By the end of last year, my country has signed 197 people in 137 countries and 30 international organizations.

  How to grasp the good opportunities for digital economic development, further inspiring the driving role of digital economy on industrial development, social transformation? Shen Zhu Lin, the innovation of the National Development and Reform Commission and the relevant person in charge of the High-tech Development, said that the next step will accelerate the establishment of a series of standard specifications and institutional systems such as authentication, sharing, circulation, transaction, and earning distribution. "The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will grasp the new industrial revolutionary opportunities, promote the integration of the two-way integration, deepest, higher level." Xie Shaofeng, Director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Development, said that the manufacturing industry will be accelerated, networked, intelligent The pace of development.