Just the holy word of the mage,There is a certain chance to directly kill the summoned beast,And the fighter’s high attack damage,It can also kill the less flexible beast。

but,This scene in front of you,But it made many Taoist professions secretly excited,Frightened。
What level of summoned creature is that skeleton soldier?!Can actually hold the attack of Liuyun Cthulhu head-on,Can beat him so hard to fight back,Retreat!Such a record,How not to make the Taoist priests leisurely fascinated。
“I know,That must be a mutant animal!”Zhao Lie hammer yelled again。
but,This time, His Highness the Sixth Prince did not refute him,And his face is extremely gloomy。
The wind on the side is equally uncomfortable to the extreme,That《Summon the beast》,His Highness the Sixth Prince gave it to him,Let him win over Wu Hao。
But no one thought,It’s such an ordinary book《Summon the beast》,In the hands of Wu Hao,Actually launched a mutant skeleton soldier that can only beat the Cthulhu Liuyun with teeth and mouth.。
Feng Zhongliu is a god-level master,He knows better than Zhao Liehammer what a mutant beast is,In the historical records of Tianzun God City,There is indeed a mutant animal。
It is said that there is only one in 100,000 probability,Will summon mutant beasts,The combat power soars directly all the way,For the Taoist profession,That is the fate of heaven,Every Taoist in history who has a mutant beast,Will be a generation of legends,Is the true son of destiny。
Feng Zhongliu always thinks that his aptitude belongs to the one in a million,But now I saw Wuhao’s summoned creature,He knew he was far from。
And especially this book by Wu Hao《Summon the beast》,It was actually delivered by myself,Thinking about it, it’s really maddening!
If you can get such a mutant skeleton soldier,What’s the matter of Floating Cloud Cthulhu??At this moment, the person who killed Liuyun Cthulhu steadily retreated,I should be blowing in the wind!
Sour in the wind,This taste is really uncomfortable。
but,Compared to,He is lucky,Because Liuyun Evil God is more painful than him,In front of tens of thousands,Fisted to the flesh by a skeleton soldier,Beaten up,Whole body black mark。
If you know it will end like this,Liuyun Cthulhu would rather die than fight this fight,It’s too frustrated。
Wu Hao didn’t even move his hands or feet,Just by a summoning creature,Beat him into this miserable situation。
Under the stands,King Ning opens his mouth wide,Surprised,I don’t know what to say。