The Qijin shield of the same person broke directly。Qin Feng felt more and more incredible,Because it’s not just visual changes,I can even hear the sound。

This is kind of magic!
of course,He doesn’t know what his change is,But at least you should see it later“gas”Trajectory,Won’t be like Xiaobai again。
Third type——Rift!
The phantom is like a machine without any thinking ability,Just using a fixed program,As for how many kunlun sword moves there are,Qin Feng doesn’t understand this。
of course,For entry players like Qin Feng, the more the better。
“Po Tianquan!”
People who belong to a mountain gate are still relatively good at using boxing。Due to the shattered protective cover,So it is impossible for Guiyi to continue to defend,But to change a way of fighting。He needs to attack,Only offense can block the opponent’s attack。
Qin Feng saw it really,The collision of this trick directly severely injured Guiyi。
“Fourth formula——Po Yu!”
The sword light around instantly turned into a starry sky,Then it hits Guiyi Lao Dao like a meteor swarm down。
“Do not!”
Obviously, the casting speed of a single person cannot keep up with the speed of the silver phantom’s sword moves,So I can’t even put the protective cover out, so I’m directly penetrated by the sword energy.。
Watching this scene,Qin Feng said it’s impossible to be shocked。After all, in the previous period,This old way of Guiyi is like an insurmountable mountain in Qin Feng’s heart,In short, it’s not easy to deal with,Who can think of,Just today,He was actually killed by the sword spirit in the Kunlun Dagger!
But then again,The sword skills just now are really beautiful。Qin Feng also wants to learn,Unfortunately,The silver phantom looked at Qin Fengdao,“Ugh,My side,Maybe just
Going to dissipate,I can’t hide the Kunlun Seven Swords for you,Forget it,Just be a good person。”