original,According to reason,Such a thing,It shouldn’t be like this at all。

But the more so,Actually from the current point of view,These things,It makes people feel,It’s tricky。
Watched for a while,Now,Li Kangjie gritted his teeth。
“did not expect,This Wang Teng is so powerful。”
“but,How did he do it?”
Even Li Kangjie,See here,deep in the heart,It’s also completely unexpected。
But for now,Li Kangjie whole person,deep in the heart,I’m a little eager to try。
“Just now,Patriarch,What should we do?”
people around me,Look towards Li Kangjie,I can’t help but ask this side。
And this time,Li Kangjie raised his head a little bit and looked in front of him。
Start seeing here,At this time, Li Kangjie did not forget to wave his hand in front of him。
“Actually these things,I won’t say so much for now。”
“If you really plan to resolve this matter,I think,We still have to prepare first!”
When Li Kangjie saw this,Now,Li Kangjie behaved very casually。
And Li Kangjie’s side,these people,It’s just like I’m totally willing。
After all, now,These things,In fact, it’s completely on the surface。
As for the next,What method is needed to solve it,All of this,It’s not that simple。
And looking at it all,at this time,Li Kangjie whole person,Smile more proudly。