Today this is love,They are all those who are blue and blue are doing things.。”

“Even so,You also have to stop this happening,You see how much online is now.,Say my daughter doesn’t want his face.,And what Wang has made three children。
Isn’t these three children are not yours??”
Yi Tianqi angry,I saw this thing in the morning.,Mood is very unhappy。
Lu Hao nodded,I know that I have not done it.,“Uncle,I will go to the company for a while,These rumors are not attacking themselves.。”
Yi Tianqi nodded,“Look like,My daughter still doesn’t know.?”
Lu Haocheng nodded,“She just got up。
Uncle ,You go to work first.,You are late.。”
Yi Tianqi has drank milk,Looking at Lu Haocheng blinking a sharp gaze:“I am my own boss.,I am afraid of who?”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Domineering,He is not late。
“Good,Uncle ,I don’t remind you.,You slowly eat。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Looked a kitchen,Looking at my mother, I just came over.,He smiled,Mom,very nice。
She doesn’t have to eat Mu Zizi’s melon.。
“Ah Cheng,Blue?
Let him eat breakfast,Think,Gather,Jiaqi,Already eaten out。”
Mu Qing looked at Lu Hao Cheng。
Her daily task is to be responsible for the eating of the whole family.。
Timeless,The food show is read by her.,Learn to make a lot of vegetables,Her craftsmanship is getting better and better.。
“Mother,Blue and blue。”
Lu Haocheng said with a smile。
Mu Qing smiled nodded,Also gave Yi Tianqi took a few pieces of toast,Help him wipe the jam。
“thank you, wife!”
Yi Tianqi is happy,Happy eating toast。
Lu Haocheng eyebrows slightly,Look at Yi Tianqi,This is easy to learn him these days.。
“You’re welcome,husband。”
Compared to Yi Tianqi’s big,Mu Qing is more accumulated。
Lu Hao Cheng:“”This two old,More and more loved。
“Ah Cheng,You also sit down and eat。”
Mu Qing smiled。
“it is good,Mother,I am waiting for the blue blue。”
Lu Haocheng sat down,Two cups of milk。
“Then you eat,I am busy.,Evening,I have come back early.。”
Mu Qing intention。
Lu Haocheng saw her mother is very hard,Ask:“Mother,Our family find a maid.?”
Mu Qing looked at him,“What kind of maid is looking for?,Let’s have this family,This little mother is still busy.,As long as you go home on time, you will eat it.。”
Mu Qing said,Turn and go to the kitchen。