just,Just fly out of the blue sky pool,The female candle dragon saw a group of bird dragons hovering near the mother tree of Yuntai,They are residents nearby,Heard the noise here,Come to watch。

When I think of myself leaving,Those bird dragons will carve up all the fruits on the Yuntai mother tree,The female sacred candle can only swallow this breath,Flew to the mother tree of Yuntai。
At this time, the little sacred candle dragon was even more indignant,Screaming in the direction where Shenmu Qingshenglong and Zhu Minglang fled。
The female Holy Candle Dragon also roared,Seems to be facing the little candle dragon:Don’t call your father back yet!
The little sacred candle dragon flew to the thick dark cloud in the distance。
Zhu Minglang also flew towards the direction of the dark clouds,Soon I saw Xiao Bai Qi who was adjusting his breath among the dark clouds、Little Chang’e and Mr. Koi。
“What about the male Holy Candle Dragon?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“The owner is responding。”Xiantulong said。
“Mu Long Shi,Idiot!”Xiantulong said angrily,“Why is it still unclear?!”
Zhu Minglang can tell。
If not an artist,Zhu Minglang has to worry,Because he is not sure about the strength of Nanling Shamu Longshi。
“Sword spirit dragon,We go!”Zhu Minglang said。
The sword spirit dragon immediately fell in front of Zhu Minglang,Zhu Minglang stepped on the sword,The sword spirit dragon suddenly turned into a galloping red electric light,Flew towards the depths of the dark clouds。