Suddenly a few arrogant laughs came from the entrance of the hall:Hahaha!It’s that kid,See where you go this time!what?Singled outboss,Pretty awesome!

I follow the reputation,It’s an arrogant group,This time they called a lot of brothers,About50Number man,And many of them have already10Vocational skills,Arrogant4People have reached11-13Grade,Among them, a player holding an iron fan even reached14level,Only one level lower than me。
Proud Knight:Your kid dare to hit Yuxin’s idea,See if i don’t kill you back to level zero!
I wonder,What does this mean?
When the arrogant assassin saw me, he was instantly angry,This time it’s even more lawless due to the large number of people,Shouted:This kid sees I won’t kill you!
Haughty dagger out of its sheath,That is a dagger with light blue light,It seems that the attack power is not low,I don’t know if he spent money to build it or spawn it。
Arrogant is about to take a knife**,But was pulled by the iron fan player on the side,Said:Don’t worry,Watch the play first,After killing him, there is a chance。
He wants to borrowbossThe power to kill me,Take a lookbossStrength。
I’m so desperate,Desperate,It was already bad enough,Now here comes the enemy again。
Fire SpiritbossA big laugh,The deep voice roared throughout the ghost cave hall:Everyone here will die tonight!
bossMade this,The fearful and arrogant players suddenly formed a formation,Meat Shield Knight in front,Master is behind,Priest add blood。And no one player took a look at me,Everyone is looking forward tobossTake me down before doing it。
Unexpectedly, a beautiful voice said:Cousin,You better save uncle,He really didn’t bully me,Others are nice。
When I heard this voice,It turned out to be sister Yuxin,I didn’t expect her to be kind,It’s in stark contrast with her arrogant companions。
I thought I was going to die anyway,It’s better to be angry and arrogant,Said:Yuxin sister,Watch the stars together tonight。
Although this sentence was originally intended to be an arrogant group,But it also has facts,Beautiful girl who doesn’t like,The question is whether you deserve it,I think I don’t deserve。So this is an angry word,If they are angry。
This is a blatant provocation,Arrogant4People yelled:Boss,He actually hit Yuxin’s idea!
Yuxin was taken aback,Said:what did you say?I have a very bad impression of you now!