However, after the stability of her mood,Although it is also a look at the Chu Deirers,But it is already very different。

And now is a fundamental transformation in the mood.……
“kindness,More than half a year,Almost you can go,Kill those little people。”Invitation, the moon is frustrated.。
Chu Deirers also know,Invitation month is to say——Otherwise I really want to“kill”Who,Also used after half a year?
Even if it is oriental sister,Invite the month to really want“kill”if,Even five five,I will also die on the spot.,Instead of retaining the shutdown for half a year!
At the same time, Chu Deirers also surprised:“You have a breakthrough after half a year?”
Invitation, nodded,After I deeply saw the Chu Deirent:“So you either strong,Either……It is best not to talk to me again.、My sister……There is also the opposite sex outside the Oriental.。”
Chu Deman suddenly felt,She has three points to be serious……
Think of the previous invitation《Luohan Volunteer》very interested,Chu Deirers have a little hidden!
But the car must have a road before the mountain,People are inviting the moon owner to stay.“Stronger”Mouth,Chu Deirers feel after half a year,You will definitely be stronger——Especially《Wash》Later,Chu Deirers have a grasp,Half of the year,More than half a year before、Even more than a year。
“Almost more?”Chu deer is still a bit nervous。
“kindness,Almost pick me more than dozens,I don’t want to destroy my own masters.,In order to kill a few small people and your own level。”Invite the month to say。
Don’t explain the Chu Deirers and know,here“Ten tricks”,It is a dozen tricks after inviting the month.。
Otherwise it will not use half a year,Inviting the moon, now I have to win the Chu Deirers.,Also got thirty……
Say,I can’t help but laugh.——Even Chu Deirers,At this time,I have never seen the moon laugh.,Two……Very beautiful,Quite ice and snow melting。
“Everyone said that no one can block Yulang Jiang Feng smile.,I see this, I should be converted to the month. You are。”Chu Deirers are very appropriate。
Inviting the moon to laugh more brilliant,And Xintun Road:“roll……”
Chapter 751 What seems to forgot?……
Early next morning,Chu Deirers did not dare to stay more,Directly left the drum mountain,There is some heart on the road、Stressful……
At this time with him,Only Wooden Qingqing、Wang Yizhen still wants a purple,And small brothers dog hybrids。
I hope that Zhao Minneng takes care of Yingying Yingying is impossible.,Entrust invitation month protection……Or please invite the month to hurt the Yingying can you still,Let her take care of Ren Yingying,It is estimated that the Chu Deirers can’t get drums.。
But there is also a non-smoke,In addition, the Chu Deirens also stayed in the Siku Mountain.,If they help themselves take care of Ren Yingying,So only a non-smoke one person is not convenient,especially……In case of Zhao Min,Bullying?
“Chu Da Ge,Are you worried about holy??”Wang Yizhen saw Chu Deirers worried,I am concerned about one sentence.。
“Hey,I am worried that you are all……”Chu Deirers have some headaches。
“what?”Wang Yin is obviously not so much。
There is no explanation of Chu Deirens.……
Original Chu Deee thought,Invitation month,Since you want to hit your horses, you will hit the last,Can only delay,Who knows that last night,Chu Deirers went to grind the moon for a while,Actually……I asked.——Alone,Invitation moon becomes unusually talking!
But the fact,But Chu Deirers。
According to the moon,Three or four months,She can go to the threshold of 叩天门,After that, it will break through the door.,No matter if it is successful,Closing the closure after half a year——If you can’t break through the two or three months,It is still not enough to accumulate accumulation.,Continue hard to close the door.。
Whether it breaks,At least, her paving is certainly successful.……
Combine《Luohan Volunteer》、Combined with Murongjiu to give her inspiration,Announcement in an unprecedented way,Come to achieve the mind“Unfoldty”and“Affectionate”Face-fitting level。
At that time she will《Luohan Volunteer》Guide,will“Affectionate”One side,Guide separately as a hidden personality,Similar to Xia99、But also different……