After all, the people of Zongmen can’t take advantage of the ability.,Can’t let people,Once the hand is, it will be chased to kill the end of the world.。

“You expand the size of the pharmaceutical,What is the purpose?”
Li Hui is very straightforward,There is no meaning of smoothing.。
Zhao Bingru also did not expect that Li Hui Feng will so ask。
“Purposeless,I only be responsible for being in accordance with the boss’s command.,And my main purpose is to go to school.!”
“that’s it?”
“Um,that’s it,Since the teacher knows so much,I think you should also investigate us.,So we don’t have to conceal what。”
Li Hui faintly nodded,Then let two people go back.。
Things are different from what he thinks.。
Or don’t think about anyone.。
This female student seems to be a puppet.,It’s really powerful, it is the boss behind the female student.。
But I want to find out the people behind Zhao Bingru.,I have to break through Zhao Bingru.。
Think about it,He picked up the mobile phone and gave a phone call.,Then tell the other party with the other party.。
Han Shanshan is also the same。
Han Shanshan did not expect that Li Hui’s will actually ask these questions directly.。
But I thought about it.,These problems seem to have just asked if it is not good.。
“Little plum,Have you ever thought about Zhao Bingru, there is no behind, there is no behind:?”
Han Shanshan’s words were rendered immediately by Li Hui.。
“I thought of,But what I met last night made me confident that the other party is really a boss.。”
“And that person is also a lot of people who want to harm her.,I should not act now last night.,The actic play should not be more realistic.。”
Say this,Li Hui is stunned.。
Because he suddenly thought of Zhao Bingru saw the death of death.,The other party’s heart is deep than he thinks,Have more。
But he has been deceived by the other’s appearance.。
So think he feels like it is possible.。
Han Shanshan did not know what Li Hui Ran thought?。
“alright,You continue to cheer,Everything is very fast,Your four halls have been completed.,Many people want to buy,But because you are not,Therefore, it is always a part of being visited.。”
“Hey-hey,That is not selling now,One hundreds of millions of times later,Don’t want to buy less than this money。”
Li Hui said this,Also full of confidence,Because there is a lot of spiritual stones in his hand。
Those Lingshi can completely lay the eye and the like。
“Click one’s tongue,I find that you can get more and more boiled.,Vegetable Factory is now in short money.,I want to implement two classes.,Increasing employee,how do you feel?”
“You said yourself, just,I have no opinion。”
Just when he was discussing with Han Shanshan with the next thing of the vegetable factory.,The door of the office is suddenly pushed.。
“Teacher Li,You go out and see it.!Someone is looking for you in the school gate,But I advise you to be careful.,They seem to have a lot to you!”
Yuan Dream’s words made Li Hui also a glimpse。
I also said with Han Shanshan.,I will hang up the phone directly.。
“Teacher Yuan,Who is looking for me??”