Guo Qiusi,头 头,“Ok。”
Not how much he is he?。
Thunder is after all,。
Let him first play,By the way, you can test the situation on the side of a Gaoli.。
Be talking about,Golden stone suddenly said,“They come。”
Everyone brushed the brush。
I saw a group of people wearing a Korean military service.,Under the leadership of the service personnel,The momentum is in the field。
Headed,It is a http://www.tjxiaochi.cncontemporary passage of Gaoli Haidong Jian Road,Zheng Bin。
First1823Chapter Life hammer
Jinlong Fitness Center。
Second floor。
Gao Liwu headed by Zheng Bin,Sitting in the three-school group and others。
Both parties have no language communication at all.。
The atmosphere in the entire field becomes downtown and suppressed。
Fully kill。
“Yuancheng,Go to negotiate with them。”
Zheng Bin’s eyes,Very casual in a hurry。
In his eyes,Opposite these Huaxia,Already have no different from the dead。
Universiad from Zheng Bin,Yuancheng naturally knows the meaning of the master,The face is suddenly revealed。
Now,He stood up to the opposite。
Soon arrived。
Nothing,There is no modest。
Yuancheng’s eyes swept through the three colleagues,Then follow the golden stone directly,“Mr. Jin,When did you start??”
Unilateral stone,Guo Quitang,“At any time。”
Yuancheng nodded,The mouth is outlined,“My master said,Since it is a battle,It is inevitable that there will be no hand.,We still sign a life and death agreement.,If you accidentally being killed,Can only blame yourself……In the words of your Huaxia,Calling the masters,Learn from learning。”
“We also have this meaning。”
Guo Qi felt,Goddess。
Next, someone handed two blue skin clips,Guo Qi said at the same time,“We have signed in advance.。”