Accelerating the popularity of the ice and snow sports Yanji primary and secondary school sports teachers "big training"

Tissue warm-up (Yanji Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department) According to the relevant person in charge of the Yanji City Education Bureau, from November 30th to December, Yanji City will take advantage of 15 days to arrange sports teachers.45 hours.

Teachers will learn the knowledge of alpine ski double boards, single boards.Among them, including the use and maintenance of snow fixtures, ski safety, snow, safety falls, the basic posture and action essentials, which have completed 28 hours.

This special training, in order to realize the people who will ski, people will guide the goal of skiing, and everyone will laid a solid foundation.Next, the Yanji Municipal Education Bureau will continue to increase the construction of the Ice and Snow Project Teacher Team, providing a strong talent guarantee for the development of campus ice and snow.(Han Dany) (Editor: Li Siyi, Xie Long).