China-European class expansion has increased new Anyang, Luoyang, Shangqiu three city outlets

Henan is open to the news. The layout is built in Anyang, Luoyang, Shangqiu and other China-European class secondary business outlets; relying on the China-European class channel network, providing "one-stop" service for "going out" enterprises … On August 18, the reporter learned from the Provincial Development Reform Commission The General Office of the Provincial Government issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Demonstration Project of China and Europe" (hereinafter referred to as "Implementation Opinions"), launch a series of hard-core initiatives, do a big strong and medium-European class, serving Henan brand "出 海". Anyang, Luoyang, Shangqiu Cheng 2nd business network "Current export business, generally first-load truck to Tianjin Port, then transport the waterway to Belarus, ship to the local land, the logistics needs a month.

"The person in charge of Anyang Forging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. said that the product is not worried, it is the transportation too tossing, time-consuming, risk costs are not small. In the future, with the expansion of China Europe, or will solve the" logistics troubles "of many companies "Implementation Opinions" clearly, China and Europe will implement linkage development in the province, lay out of China and Yang, Luoyang, Shangqiu and other Chinese European class secondary business outlets, strengthen the classroom cooperation between provincial provinces, smooth hub and interval cycle.

Establish a central European class distribution point in the park.

This also means that Angyang, Luoyang, Shangqiu’s enterprises can travel to China and European class to do international trading. It is understood that at the end of last year, Shangqiu has begun to try to attempt to serve China-European business outlets. On December 22 last year, the first Central Europe (Shang Zhengo) international class was equipped with the goods from Shangqiu Station, all the way to the west "Out".

After the completion of the secondary business outlets, China-European class will run in Anyang, Luoyang, Shangqiu three cities.

"Implementation Opinions" clearly, strengthen the construction of channel network, encrypting international lines, to 2025, the direct international line from the current 10, increased to more than 16, and more than 10 cooperation lines.

"Logistics +" service helps Henan brand "Out" "Our products can be exported directly to Europe, but the Middle East market along the line has always been a ‘blank point’." I want your health food company export department manager Hong said that trade services, legal services, and warehousing services in the Middle East are relatively lacking, which became "blocking roads". In order to serve more enterprises "go out", "Implementation Opinions" clearly created "logistics +" service, relying on the China-European class channel network, through expanding the upstream industry chain, builds the overseas class service network, building a number of characteristic industrial bases, Create "Zhengo" product brand, promote "walking out" in Henan agricultural and sideline products.

"The services provided in China Ou Claus are not only the road ‘hard connection’, but also more service ‘soft and connect". The person in charge of the Provincial Development Reform Commission said that the company who is going to "all the way" will enjoy the network through China-EU "One-stop" service such as the construction of commerce, warehousing, and exhibitions, open up more markets.

Improve opening level to form the International Luogang Group Zhengzhou is the early city of China-European class, and the market has higher operation.

Last year, Zhengzhou was the only city in the Middle East and received the National Development and Reform Commission to support the construction of China and Europe class integration center demonstration project.

The main body of China-European class, Zhengzhou International Trade Development and Construction Co., Ltd. also has grown. In order to make this "Silk Road" more wider, "Implementation Opinions" clearly, further strong main body operators, accelerate the establishment of Henan International Langang Group, and promote cross-regional cooperation, international land company is once again To develop spring. "The future will also introduce social capital, encourage railways, ports, logistics, finance and other enterprises to participate in line development, capacity and supply, etc." The person in charge of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission said that this means that the future should focus on high-quality resources in the future. Strong combination to make great strength and medium-European class. "The introduction of" Implementation Opinions "has undoubtedly gives China-EU (Zhengzhou) high-quality development, differentiated competition specified the direction: from simple logistics to ‘one-stop’ commercial service, from ‘hard connection’ to ‘soft ‘, Through the comprehensive upgrade of service, high quality openness, our province’ walking out ‘Enterprises will become the final beneficiary. "Gao Yabin, Vice President, Henan Macroeconomics Research Institute. "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Demonstration Project of China – Euban Zhengzhou Jijun Center" Clear: 1, 2, 3, 4, (Editor: Since Edior, Yang Xiana) Sharing More people see recommendation reading.