China @ 四 川 | "White Crane" Dance Danity – Decoding the World’s Max Cleaning Energy Corridor

  Xinhua News Agency, August 6th: "White Crane" Dance Dance Decoration – Decoding the World’s Max Cleaning Energy Corridor Xinhua News Agency Jiji Peng, Hou Xuejing, Ding Yi, Lu Wei, with the 15th, No. 2 unit successfully put into production, white crane There were four production power generations in 16 million kilowatt water wheel generators in the beach water power station. This Hydropower Station is located in Jinsha River Decoction section in Ningnan County and Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province. It is a major project to implement "West Electronics", known as the largest scale, the highest technology in the world today. Hydropower project.

  This is the Baidan Hydropower Reservoir area and immigration relocation point (March 15th, drone photos).

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jiang Wenyao photo on Jinsha River, "White Crane" dance.

In July 2022, all the units were put into production and power generation. Baihe Beach Hydropower Station will cooperate with the Three Gorges, Gezhouba and Jinshajiang U. Dongde, Xi Luo, to the Hydropower Station, and jointly constitute a world’s largest clean energy corridor to help my country’s economic and social development, reduce the greenhouse Gas emissions.

  "White Crane" takes off, 6 key technical indicators reached 16 million kilowatts of the world’s first white Haohe Hydropower, second only to the Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the left and right coatings, the total development of the global single-machine capacity, the maximum power hydraulic generator set, the first The batch of 2 units has been put into power generation on June 28.

  Baihe Beach Hydropower Dam is extremely complex, the canyon terrain is asymmetrical, and the research and development of millions of kilowatt water turbine generator sets is a "blocking road".

  In the face of challenges, the builders bravely "unmanned the world" unmanned area ", 6 key technical indicators reach the world first, including single-machine capacity of 1 million kilowatts; underground cave chassis; cylindrical tail water regulation well scale; no pressure Flood exploration hole, massage; 300 meters high arch dam seismic parameters; in the 300-meter special high arch dam, the whole dam is used to use low hot cement concrete. What is the concept of millions of kilowatt water generator sets? Such a unit is diameter, up to 50 meters, and the rotor weight exceeds 2,000 tons.

  "The wheel can generate a circle of about 150 degrees per turn, which is equivalent to an ordinary household for a month.

A single unit can generate nearly 10,000 degrees per minute.

Wang Zhilin, director of the Three Gorges Group Baihe Bach Engineering, said. The "no dam no fragment" caused by cement heat generation in concrete hardening can be described as "magic" in the global hydropower. Baihe Beach dam is 289 meters high, concrete dosage 800 Most of thousands of cubic meters.

In the first bore of the dam, the core is taken through 52 pour storage layers, the core is the longest of the world, which indicates that the "seamless dam" has been built.

  Wang Zhilin revealed the mystery: Bai Hertao Gao Arch Dam first fully adopted the new low-temperature cement, which was developed independently, with slow temperature rise, low temperature rise, small shrinkage, and high overall anti-crack performance.

  Not only that, thousands of thermometers in the dam body can also help engineers monitor the "headache and brain" of concrete in real time. Standing on the Dam of Baihe Tan Hydropower Station, "Gaoxia is out of the Pinghu", which is spectacular.

Take the engineering car along the tunnel into the mountain, as if enter a huge dungeon, factory building, channel, line and other facilities in the mountain interior, it is shocking.

  In the narrow Jinsha River, large-scale construction of power plant is unrealistic, the constructor can only take the two sides of the mountain "to be an article."

Chen Jianlin, a general engineer of Baihe Tan Hydropower Project, introduced that the underground cave chart construction overcomes difficulties such as highland stress, and the excavation reached 25 million cubic meters, and the mileage of underground engineering reached 217 kilometers. "Lianzhu is string", building the world’s largest cleaning energy corridor Jinsha River is a highly enriched river in my country and the world, planning multi-level cascade hydropower development. Since the "13th Five", the construction of the National Hydropower Base in Jinsha River has rapidly promoted, and the new hydropower installed has the highest history.

  Among them, the Three Gorges Group built Xi Luodu in the downstream of Jinsha River, four world-class giant cladd hydropower stations, four world-class giant cladded hydropower stations, and the total installed machine, equivalent to the installed scale of the two Three Three Gorges Project. Before the first unit of Baihe Beach Hydropower Station, the seventh largest Uvado Hydropower Station in the world was put into production in mid-June this year. The successful commission of these two world-class hydropower stations is a milestone in the history of hydropower development in China.

  Uvaded Hydropower Station is located on the Jinsha River Decoction section of Yunnan Province, Luquing Yi Miao Autonomous County and Sichuan Province, and is also a national major project to implement "West Electronics", with a total installed capacity of 10.2 million kilowatts.

As of June 15 this year, the power station has accumulated nearly 24.5 billion degrees, equivalent to replacing about 7.68 million tons of standard coal. Shunjiang, the total installed capacity of Xi Luo Hydropower Station has been put into production, is 13.86 million kilowatts. It is an important project of Jinsha River "West Electronics"; Xiangba Hydropower Station is the last level of hydropower station in the downstream river section of Jinsha River. Capacity 6.4 million kilowatts, is a super dam, which is the first large hydropower station on the Yangtze River. The Gezhouba Hydropower Station is the Chinese people’s own design, manufacturing, installation, and running management of water conservancy projects. The world-famous Three Gorges Hydropower is the most widely used hydropower project in the current world’s largest water conservancy project and the most widely efficient, and the total installed capacity is 2.25 million kilowatts. In 2020, the Three Gorges Hydropower Station produced 111.8 billion green electric energy, and a new record of the annual power generation of the world’s single-seat Hydropower Station, and the comprehensive benefits of flood control, power generation, shipping, and water resource utilization were fully utilized. Thunder Mountain, Chairman of the Three Gorges Group, said that the Baihe Beach Hydropower Station will be with the Three Gorges, Gezhouba and Jinshajiang Udao, Xi Luo, to the Hydropower Station "Lianzhu String", constitute the world’s largest clean energy corridor, not only benefits more along the people, In addition to the conveying source of high quality development in my country. Wang Hao, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that with the production of Wu Dongde and Baidan Hydropower Station, the Three Gorges Group has a set of cascading power plants from Jinsha River to the Yangtze River. The six reservoir group achieves joint unified dispatch, will enlarge a single-seat hydropower station. Integrated benefits, overall performance of flood control, hydrating, power generation, water ecological protection, etc., and give full play to the role of reservoir dam regulation and ecological guarantee. From the info, it is the road to the rise of the world’s largest clean energy corridor from "China Manufacturing" to "China Creation" Road. It is also the road of major innovation of hydropower from "manufacturing" to "China" . More than 20 years ago, in the process of construction of the Three Gorges Project, researchers have created 112 worlds, with 934 invention patents, so that my country has been under construction, 700,000 kWhertess generators, domestic, engineering operation and ecological environment. Protection, engineering management, etc., has obtained a series of major technical breakthroughs.

  The global single capacity of Baihe Beach Hydropower has a maximum power of millions of kWhentheat generator sets, developed, and installed difficulty beyond the world’s existing unit, achieving major breakthroughs in high-end equipment manufacturing in my country.

  "Baihe Beach Hydropower Station is independently developed." Fanyexia, deputy general manager of the Three Gorges Group.

Under the Three Gorges Group, the Harbin Group, Oriental Electric Group built the runner manufacturing workshop in Jinsha River, which not only developed millions of kW generator sets, but also its own "unique skills".

  Eddie Ridge, executive president of the International Hydropower Association, believes that Baihe Beach, Udo Hydropower Station overcomes the most challenging technical problems in the world hydropower project, marking China Hydropower Project to achieve production, construction, material science, equipment manufacturing, construction Technical progress in the full life cycle of intelligent management. This is not the merits of peace.

Before the construction of the Three Gorges Project in 1994, China did not have the ability to manufacture 350,000 kilowatts or more hydropower units. During the development of the Left bank unit of the Three Gorges Engineering, 60 kg snail high strength steel plates are imported from abroad.

In order to get rid of the import material "card neck" dilemma, the Three Gorges Group takes the lead Angang, Baowu Iron and Steel and other brothers and other brothers and other brothers and other brothers and other brothers and other brothers, and finally let the Three Gorges projects use domestic steel. He Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of the White Heach Engineering, said that the domestic high-strength steel, which is used in the manufacture of volutes in Baihe Tan Hydropower Station, has reached 80 kg, high-grade silicon steel, high-strength yoke steel plate and other key materials, which have also achieved a domestic product. change.

  In addition, on the supporting equipment, from the bridge machine, busbar, large transformer, to speed up, excitation, monitoring system … my country’s hydropower equipment full industry chain, to promote millions of kilowatt units to the world "hydropower beads". (over).