But before Abrahi could react,Qiao Tianyu has come to the chair opposite him and sat down。

“you.You are the Qiao Tianyu who stirs Wall Street?”
Abraxi can’t understand the purpose of Qiao Tianyu’s visit,Try to be calmer。
“Yes,I am Qiao Tianyu!”Qiao Tianyu raised Erlang’s legs arrogantly。
“A cup of black coffee,Thank you!”
“Hey,You don’t recognize birth。”
Abrahi murmured a little reluctantly,But I got up obediently and poured Qiao Tianyu a cup of black coffee。
This billionaire owner doesn’t know why he is so obedient,He is always arrogant to others,But today in front of Qiao Tianyu, he can’t be arrogant at all。
“Speak,Qiao Tianyu,Any enlightenment for coming over today?”
Ablasi lights a good Cuban cigar,Learned from Qiao Tianyu and raised Erlang’s legs,He must quickly restore his arrogant image。
Temperament,Can’t lose!
“I dare not be,I’m here to save your life!”
Qiao Tianyu took a sip of black coffee,Mysterious confidence appeared on his face。
“I heard it right?As the vice chairman of the board of the fourth largest automobile manufacturing group in the United States,Billions,I need you to save my life?”
Although Abrahi said so,But the physical actions are honest。
He recalled his usual arrogance,Want to smoke a cigar,Spit a big smoke ring。