“Ok。”Ye Boping nodded。

“that’s it。”Zhang Siwei has no expression on his face,Divorce is not a good thing for any woman,She turned to leave。
“mom……Is your mother okay??”Remembered divorced,Ye Boping hurriedly added the word you。
“Okay。”Zhang Siwei stopped,Looking at Ye Boping。
“That’s good,I am worried that she is worried about our affairs,Bad rest。”Ye Boping nodded。
“My dad’s death,Has nothing to do with you?”Zhang Siwei suddenly asked,Staring at Ye Boping。
“what?what are you saying?”Ye Boping didn’t expect to be killed,Zhang Siwei would suddenly ask this question,He wants to calmly answer that it doesn’t matter,But the question was too sudden,He didn’t control his panic at all。
The panic passing by Ye Boping’s face,Did not escape Zhang Siwei’s eyes,This expression gave her the answer,“rest assured,I will figure it out。”Turned around and left。
This time,Ye Boping knew in his heart that he was completely cold,He originally thought,Zhang Siwei was just on impulse,I got divorced before I knew what was going on。
But they have Ye Jia,With the best bond of a child,Performance by yourself,There is always a day to remarry,Zhang Siwei calm down,I may still have a chance。
but,Today Zhang Siwei suddenly asked such a question,He knew that remarriage was just a dream,There can never be hope。