Wright’s trick,Even just【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】An application of,This kind of profound meaning is more suitable for defense,If used in an attack, although the attack power is not strong,But the frequency range that can be attacked is very large,And if necessary,The angle of attack is also pervasive。

His palm,Like dozens of real palms,The power of each palm is an ordinary nine level。Just now,It’s nothing more than dozens of ninth-level powerful players。
If it is a normal sanctuary fighter,With the help of‘Potential’Is actually not difficult to resist,After all, Wright’s basic strength is only level 9。Of course Wright does not intend to defeat the opponent with this move,Naturally, there are backhand changes。
But this one in front of you。。。。Wright felt that the one killed‘Pirate King’Already considered weaker in the sanctuary,Correct‘Potential’’S perception is very shallow,It’s dangling when flying。
But this one seems to be much weaker than the Pirate King。
“So weak。”Unconsciously blurted out a word。
“puff~”Hear this,The bald man spit out blood。
Wright’s【The Profound Meaning of Water·Flow-through】,It’s not a powerful attack,This style is actually unable to break through the defense of vindictiveness,And seriously injured a sanctuary warrior,After all, no matter how weak the opponent is,The body is also the body of the sanctuary。
But among the strong,There were also two other ninth-level fighters who were directly knocked down by a ninth-level fighter。This has greatly affected the inner self-esteem of the bald man,Emotional anger and mania,Caused a serious injury。
Bald man fell to the ground,A pair of eyes staring blankly,Seems to be hit hard,Fainted。
Koland、Iron Wall Juggernaut,And the gray-haired woman, Wei Er, was equally stunned。As for the others,More or less understand Wright’s strength,Not too surprised。
The old lady who is the master of this place‘Gaskell’Can’t help but roll his eyes,Have a few words with the William Saint Magister next to him,The Wizard of Saint William released a green light,The bald man recovered from his injuries,Woke up leisurely。
But it seems to be hit hard by Wright’s blow,The bald man became cringe after waking up,Sitting beside the gray-haired woman on the other side,Lower your head to avoid Wright’s gaze。
The William Saint Magister on the side transmitted to Wright:“Wright,This guy is lucky,The guy who got a special genius treasure。He ate the treasure to make the grudge reach the sanctuary,But the level of simplicity is very low。at best,It’s a pseudo-sanctuary。”