First1796chapter Go to the court and go to the kitchen

? I had lunch at He Yonggui’s house。Rural people’s lunch is simpler,Especially north。Normally noodles at noon,Of course there are a lot of noodles。
Finished eating,Gu Xiaoshang rests at all。Xia Jian and He Yonggui went to the village committee。All the village officials from Hejiaping Village are here,Zhang Yongsheng and Li Liping came here。
Xia Jian is also welcome,Go straight to the topic,Held a small meeting for these village cadres。One is the current management of potatoes,The second is the development of tourism projects in Pingyang Town。He did,It’s nothing more than telling everyone the good news in advance,Let people who are conscious of this aspect move ahead of time。
Just like Li Dongmei,She has already thought about what she will do in the future。Listening to this exciting good news。Zhang Yongsheng couldn’t close his mouth with a smile。And Li Liping is a woman after all,She kept talking to herself:“Then what can we do?“
“cough!We rural people! This mind turns slowly。Look at Li Dongmei,She had her own ideas right away。I see when you are free,Let’s get in touch with Li Dongmei“The village chief He Yonggui laughed and said to Li Liping。
Li Liping took a look at Xia Jian,said laughingly:“Since Li Dongmei has her own experience in this area,Then we might as well absorb her into the leadership of our village committee。Our manpower is not enough.,She is also a talent,Not using her is a waste“
“Can’t it!He Shuicheng is still there,How could she come to the village committee?,The villagers should have opinions“Accountant Zhang Yongsheng immediately objected。
He Yonggui took a deep breath and said:“Li Dongmei has culture,Have seen the world。To be honest, she is among the women in our village,No other woman can match her。But what Zhang Yongsheng said is true,The villagers will definitely have a saying after using her,Mayor Xia sees how to do this?“
He Yonggui is so smart,He immediately kicked the ball to Xia Jian。Xia Jian smiled and said:“What I want to say is that now is a new society,Not associated with this。And we look at things and think about problems,Should look forward。There is also an analysis of the stakes。As for use or not,This is something in your village,I do not express personal opinions“
“it is good!Let’s discuss this matter later。Our Hejiaping Village is a big village,The village committee alone is definitely not enough。Now developing tourist areas,We have to do a good job,So the members of the village committee,In addition to developing from existing party members,You can also choose from other people in the village“He Yonggui in front of Xia Jian,Showed his attitude。
Let’s sit together,Everything comes out。I want to end the meeting within an hour,I didn’t expect that when Xia Jian came out of Hejiaping Village,,It’s four o’clock in the afternoon。