“What for?Don’t make trouble here”The security guard on duty at the gate of Yijuyuan suddenly shouted。

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Yijuyuan is an upscale community in Buchuan City,Especially in the area of security。They hired security guards trained by regular security companies。They are not only strong in business,And very responsible。
When the security guards on duty at the door discovered that the owner was in danger,They issued a warning immediately,Then he called on the intercom。The security guards on night duty immediately gathered towards the gate。Which two of Li Wei’s bodyguards saw this?,Hurriedly pulled Li Wei into the car,Ran without a trace in a blink of an eye。
Xia Jian thanked the responsible security guards,So he hurried into the community,Walked towards his office。
Lying on Xiao Xiao’s comfortable big bed,Xia Jian didn’t feel sleepy。What happened at the gate tonight,Already sounded the alarm for him。It seems to treat Zhang Fenglan,Has threatened the interests of some people。
Things are not like Li Wei said,Not let him approach Lei Lei。Because everyone who knows him Xia Jian,Should all know that he is married,Li Wei must know。He said so,Just confuse,I don’t want her to pick up Zhang Fenglan。It seems that Zhang Fenglan is indeed a very capable person,Otherwise Li Wei won’t bring someone to chase him in the middle of the night。
Thinking about all these messy things,Xia Jian fell asleep slowly。
the next morning,It was past eight o’clock when he got up。When he packed up and went downstairs,When there is no one in the office,I must be out busy。
Which slave did Xia Jian drove after going downstairs?GZPorsche,Then I left Yijuyuan,Went to Bucheon Industrial Park。
From the city to the industrial park,A bit of distance,Xia Jian drives a luxury car,Walking slowly in a stream like water,He felt this familiar feeling。
Childhood,Dad once said a word to him,That is the life,You have to walk the road three times。Now think about it,It’s indeed the same thing。
I want to leave Bucheon by myself,Xia Jian once secretly made up his mind,He will never come to Bucheon to do business again in his life。But it’s absolutely not,Apart from supporting Xiao Xiao’s company in his heart now,,He really wants to enter Bucheon again,Take back the once glorious entrepreneurial building。
Gradually walked out of the most congested road in Bucheon,Xia Jianmeng increased the speed。In fact, once out of the city,The Bucheon Industrial Park appeared far away in sight。
Xia Jian parked the car on the side of the road,Then get out of the car,Look up,Really spectacular。I saw a group of factories and office buildings forming a separate area。From east to west,From south to north,Xia Jian’s eyes looked over little by little。