“Listener’s,I am responsible for the problem。”The instructor gritted his teeth and stomped,Made up my mind。

In the underground palace,Jia Chou saw Jiakui,Beat your chest for a while,Howling and crying,Li Tianzhen couldn’t persuade him for a while,I don’t know how many storms and years the two have gone through in the Temple A sub team.,Where is the feeling,No way to worry。
Fortunately, Jia Chou is not a mother-in-law character,I stopped crying after a while,Got up and carried the kelp on his shoulders,Not say a word,Turn around and run,Li Tianzhen followed。
Unexpected,The hole Jia Chou chose was the one he and Shen Yingjie entered,Narrow inside the cave,Can’t tolerate an ugly and huge body,Jia Chou shrank his body,Persevering, the body of the Kwai can’t shrink,Jia Chou has come up,And hit the rock with a fist,The rubble flies around,dusty。
The narrow tunnel was abruptly squeezed and widened by Jia Chou,In no time,Actually came to the narrower cave where Jing Tailai lived,Jiakui’s body can’t be squeezed through,The furnishings in the cave are still the same,Stone Table of Notation、Stone bench and stone bed,Only the milky white fluorescence used for lighting goes out,Not long ago,Li Tianzhen and Shen Yingjie are still sitting here and talking with Jing Tailai,But who expected a battle in the underground palace,The old man has gone to Paradise。
I saw that the tip of the index finger of Jia Chou’s right hand suddenly lit up with fluorescence,Fluorescence under the virtual dots on the cave wall,Just like Jing Tailai’s way,After the milky white light flashed,The space in the cave suddenly expanded a lot,Become extremely spacious,Also profound。
“Xumi Space?”Li Tianzhi surprised。
“Do not,Just blindfold,The mechanism reserved by the fairy is hidden deep in the cave。”Jia Chou finished,Go ahead。
The cave is deep,And very yin,After walking for more than ten minutes, it’s still dark and can’t see anything,The direction of the cave gives Li Tianzhen the feeling that he has been leaning downward,If calculated from the circle point of the underground palace,,It should be moving from the center of the eyebrows of the big devil’s head to the center of the brain,It is currently estimated to have reached the front end of the cerebellum。
There is a faint light and shadow ahead,Very dim,The milky white fluorescence resembles the halo used for lighting in the Jing Tailai stone room,Jia Chou suddenly slowed down,Whisper,“Changes here。”
Li Tianzhi mobilized his vitality and luck and looked towards the light,A tall stone slab stands under the faint light ball,Almost across the entire section of the cave,The slate is simple and heavy,There are faintly carved texture patterns on it,It seems that the method of engraving is used,It feels quite solemn。
Look around,All the stone walls,Including the top of the cave is black,Has a faint vein like tree roots,Countless threads are connected together,Like a giant,Can’t see the marginal net。
“Visualized?”Jia Chou muttered to himself。
“What does it mean??”
“We are at the brain junction of the old demon,This cave is its big blood vessel,And these veins are its thinner blood vessels,The vitality of the old demon is all in the gods and devil heaven in the center of his mind,Outside is a very hard barrier,After the old demon was sealed here,Except for the Heavenly Palace of Gods and Demons,All the organisms are petrified,These contexts gradually fade,Until it disappears,Now it shows up again,Not a good sign。”
“This situation,Has it appeared before?”