Guilty,Li Tianzhi can do nothing else,He filled himself with another glass without hesitation,Then, under everyone’s attention, he went to Xiao Song,“To toast you,You are Yuxing the hardest,The most unknown,thank you。”

“just came back,Drink less。”Xiao Song’s tone is still so plain,She picked up the glass and sipped her mouth,“I came back this time for a casual look,still is……”
“I remember owing a promise。”Li Tianchou put the liquor in the glass into his mouth with one mouth,Suddenly feel proud。
Xiao Song suddenly covered his mouth,Tears flowed down unexpectedly,After a while, Li Tianchou was at a loss,The circle of brothers around was also shocked,But soon everyone’s expressions are wonderful。
The most gossip is the captain、Several people,Just about to open your mouth,But Zhu Lei’s wink was suppressed,Take advantage of the trend and drag the two new shareholders out to talk about things。
“Sorry,Go to the bathroom。”Xiao Song quickly controlled his emotions,Put down the wine glass,Turned and left the conference hall。
“I rely on,Boss,Don’t stand stupidly at this time。”
“Ok?”Li Tianchou turned his head to look at the broad beans that were barking their teeth,Hesitating to chase it out。
“Go!Boss。This great opportunity,I’m in a hurry for you。”Zhang Wen almost beat his chest and feet。
“Really can?”
“Isn’t this nonsense?Girls are for chasing。”You Shilong can’t stand it anymore。
“by,You don’t have a wife yet?”
“Holding grass,Talk about people……”
“Hurry up,Go you。”Uncle Hao snatched Li Tianchou’s empty glass,It’s almost a kick。
“Boss,Your return this time is really different,Hee hee。”
“roll!”Li Tianchou glared at the captain,And adjusted the collar,Go out in a serious manner,Very demeanor at first,But then the pace is getting faster and faster,It almost becomes a trot when approaching the door,After a while, it’s gone,A roar of laughter broke out in the hall behind。
The reception feast ended in a funny and laughable atmosphere,When Fu De ran to the conference hall on the seventh floor of the hotel, sweating profusely,People are gone,I’m hitting Zhu Lei who is quite worried。