due to,Alchemy before。

and so,Ordinary pill,Lin Yu quickly trained。
This alchemy,I practiced for half a night。
until,In the room,Pile of pills,Lin Yu stopped refining the medicine。
To,Refining more advanced medicine。
but,Which pill,Lin Yu has never practiced before。
now,It’s the first time alchemy。
The previous success rate,Very low。
Tanning rate behind,Only then slowly rises up。
of course,Sometimes,Appear once or twice,Without Cheng Dan。
because,Lin Yu is just a novice,before,Never made alchemy。
This exercise,Just practice till morning。
“This time,There are so many pills on the body,Should be safe enough。”
Finished,Lin Yu also used the alchemy furnace and the elixir,All received in their own space ring,then,Open the door,Rush to the playing field。
Nowadays,Is the next day’s game。
The final ten finals,Is tomorrow。
But today,To be in battle,Select the top ten existence。
and so,Today’s game,It’s a cruel trial。
same,Also decided,Is there any chance,Opportunity to participate in tomorrow’s final selection。
Fortunately,Lin Yu’s opponent,And did not draw Feng Yao and Song Ziyun。
As for Moxier,Nowadays,Didn’t come to the game。
As for the reason,Lin Yu don’t know。
same,People at the scene,do not know either。
but,That person is not familiar with himself。
Lin Yu was too lazy to bother,Whether the other party will come。
Anyway,As long as the top three in the end,Is myself,That’s it。
“Big brother,did not think of,The first person to play,It’s you。”
White Wolf’s Follower,Seeing that Big Brother was the first one to be drawn,Speak。
“Which one goes up,all the same。”
Lin Yu,Hear this,Lightly。
“I wish big brother the first victory。”
Heard what Lin Yu said,This little servant,Slap up big brother quickly。
Lin Yu,Also at this moment,Stepped onto the ring。