“If he pushes me into a hurry,It’s not impossible for me to control the peach wooden nails with this new method.!”

“But my method of controlling objects is no longer a pure crane control,Think of a new name。”
“Crane control is Zhang Haibao improved from the dragon catcher,My current method is like a dragon catcher。”
“But it’s just like,There is still a fundamental difference with the dragon catcher,Naturally can’t be called a dragon catcher。”
“My ten fingers condense the true energy into an invisible thin wire control,It’s like a puppet show,Why not call him puppet!”
“Correct,From now on, the technique of gate control will be called puppet technique!”
When Chen Xiu was practicing puppetry secretly in the room,Zhu Huiwei and Zhang Haibao are also talking。
“Old Zhu,What do you think of Chen Xiu’s current cultivation level?”
“This kid doesn’t know where his true energy comes from,It can be said to be the first person in the world among mortals。We are not as good as him at his age。”
Zhang Haibao nodded,Said:“If you give him ten years,Together with the exorcism method against our zombies,You can fight us。”
“It’s a pity that time waits for no one。”
“Although take a risk,This time I will take him on the trip to Centipede Ridge.!”
771 Zhang Haibao’s Prosperous Beauty
Zhu Huiwei nodded,Shook his head again。
“Lao Zhang,I still feel a bit risky this time。”
“As far as i know,Exorcism is a way to deal with zombies,It’s OK to deal with our three-generation zombies,On the second generation……I’m afraid……”
Zhang Haibao doesn’t refute,Nodded in agreement:“Seeking wealth in insurance,Although take a risk。But there are not many gatherings like Centipede Ridge,This is a good opportunity for us to start!and……”