But that’s it,Lei Yuan’s small world can be talented with Bai Zhilan、Improved,That is Shu Qiuteng,Can master a path completely,The same level of return。

Apprenticeship,The sensation is still quite big,It’s not that Li Ming accepts his disciples,It’s the exposure of Li Ming’s worship。
Saito and Shira,A new guest will not deliberately investigate,Especially when the new guest clerk goes deep into briefing。
But enshrine,Means a fairy,Saito naturally cares,What’s more, the strength of this worship seems to be extremely high among the Bai family,Even the newly promoted elder of the Bai family was saved by him。
This probe,Saito’s Cangxian quickly recognized,It turns out that Bai’s worship is the strong man who killed the rugged immortal in Leiyuan Small World。
Lei Yuan Small World Now,Even cut off by a large array,So that they are temporarily unable to break into the Saito。
but,Saito family and Bai family are originally hostile relationship,The Bai family accepts Saito’s mortal enemy as worship,That’s reasonable—Saito has nothing to do with Bai’s clan,But it was dispatched and destroyed several important industries of the Bai family stationed outside the clan。
And this,Bai’s is powerless and dare not retaliate,So as not to encounter Saito’s ambush。
A large number of tribesmen recalled to the tribe land,Start tortoise defense—Countless years,This is not once or twice。
Although a little bit,But Bai’s can only do this to protect himself。
not to mention,The return of Bai Lin, the genius of the Bai clan and his Taoists,It also gave the Bai clan the confidence to fight against the Saito clan—of course,It takes time to settle。
Time flies,Time flies。
Centuries,In a flash。
White clan land,A simple palace,But it is like a holy place in the hearts of many Bai clan people。
That is the residence of Ming worship, one of the two major worships of the Bai family。
,Although Ming worship is not from the Bai clan,But in just a hundred years of serving as an offering,Taught three immortals,Even though those who stepped into the Yuanshen Taoist people because of his guidance are just ordinary Xianxianxian,But it also greatly enhanced the strength of the Bai clan。