Daxie Yangdong ︱ pick "Crown Mingzhu", domestic cruise 娉 娉 袅袅 海 海面

Domestic first cruise special thin plate smart production workshop outside high bridge ship specializes in the first domestic cruise special thin plate intelligent production workshop, introducing T-BEAM pipeline equipment and 8 welding robots, innovation use laser cutting, laser complex welding and other technologies Apply 5G + machine vision, with the MES system as the core, with industrial networking technology to realize the intelligent control of the production line, the steel plate transfer, cutting, processing, segmentation efficiency and precision management of thin plate segments. Some of the non-automatic welding, the thinboard construction team organizes thinboard built-in buried arc welding, ball flat steel welding, etc. Technology is zero, managed to zero.

Through multi-wheel problem analysis and on-site practice, we will play a professional construction team’s screwdrivers, successfully capture a technical problem, form a standardized process monitoring method, and based on the "Buried Arc Welding Technology Optimization Report", strengthen buried Arc welding quality lay the foundation for the rapid construction of thin plate segments.

The outer panel is an important "face engineering" of large cruises. It is highly required to have a very high degree of view. The cruises are divided into five floors, consisting of more than 30 fragments; a total of more than ten layers of the squid, including 6-8 pieces per layer, a total of more than 70 pieces.

The shape of the planet wall is different, setting the number and difficulty of the single ship-shaped spotlight wall construction in my country’s shipbuilding industry.

How to do line-type peace and shaping control of cruise thinboard modeling boards is one of the difficulties of construction of the platform. The shipbuilding of the foreign high bridge has put a lot of effort, developing a variety of tooling for correcting assistance, one fell swooping the head to build bottlenecks, successively solve the problem of cutting deformation, outer panel molding control, and outboard correction control, allowing the cruise to finally achieve the whole boat.

Before entering the dock "Growing Wood", the segmentation section must also complete the weighing work before the ship.

Large cruise ships are refined to the highest level of focus on the heavy weight of the whole.

All material devices have weighted to meet the corresponding weight requirements.

The construction waste produced on board is also weighed before the ship. Large cruises have also developed strict standards even in paint film thick construction technology, once it exceeds it, it must be reinvasive. The cruise ship is fitted as one of the proceedings of the whole boat, which is an important part of the delivery of the whole ship to ensure the completion of the dock.

The cruise ship is huge (for example, the total length of the cable is over 4,200 kilometers, the total tube is 350 kilometers, the total length of the wind tube is 450 kilometers.) The work must be strictly implemented in accordance with the design of the process. Cruise, cable, equipment, iron 舾, etc. The equipment installed by the machinery reached 70%. The wind tube installation has reached 90%. All the cabin accessories are completed. The shipping equipment has been closed, and the prefabricated pipe has reached 80%, and the construction of iron is more than 80%.

In September, the motor cutting machine of the cabin of the cabin was realized, and the shipper construction made a major breakthrough by "quiet" to "moving".

In the mounting phase, the work has been introduced in advance.

In particular, there are more than 500 aluminum alloy balconies in the whole ship, and more than 500 doors and windows are installed. Through "high-altitude operation, install the balcony in advance, effectively reduce the installation operation risk, mitigate the operating load in the plant, and compress the 2 hours of construction to 1 hour, significantly improve the construction efficiency. The intelligent platform "SWSTIME", it is a good cruise "giant building block" to enter the dock, the difficulties and challenges of hull construction have reached the peak.

my country’s shipbox has been relatively extensive. The networking rate is generally less than 30%, compared to the aircraft, the gap is very large. The shipbuilding digitalization of foreign high bridges is moving into a big step by cruise project. More importantly, the three-dimensional model and the real thing correspond to the "digital twin".

In the inside of the cruise, WiFi signals are covered in the cruise shipwheel, in order to adjust the design drawings or models at any time.

In order to improve synergistic efficiency, the outer high bridge ship has released a new generation shipbuilding enterprise management intelligent platform "SWSTIME" to manage the smart platform "SWSTIME" in the full life cycle of design data, throughout the purchase, logistics, construction and quality control and control, and realizes the basis of the cruise segmentation section. Plan, after the installation of the baseline plan, the pipe production rolling plan, the segmentation section monthly rolling plan, etc., the unified and information integration of multi-level construction planning system, establishing a systemized, digital process control and dynamic real-time Feedback mechanism.