The Danish Open is out, Lindane has three consecutive round tours

The Danish Open is out, Lindane has three consecutive “round tours”
The Danish Open Lindin was out in the first round. The World Badminton Professional Tournament Danish Open expanded its first round of competition today. Lin Dan lost to India ‘s Paranet 0-2, following the China and South Korea Opens for three consecutive “one round tours”. Lin Dan’s blacks have won against Paranet twice, but this time, he bit the score in the first half of the first game, and the number of errors in the second half increased, losing 14 to 21.In the second game, Lin Dan has been pursuing tenaciously, but was suppressed after 16 draws. The opponent played a wave of 5 to 1 and ended the battle 21 to 17. Yesterday, Lin Dan just had a 36th birthday in Denmark.He weighed on social media: “For an athlete, this age may be a bit older.But for someone who is preparing to dedicate his entire life to badminton, 36 years old is just the beginning.”The impact of his 5th Olympic trip was full of hardships, and this year is already the 7th round out. Today’s updated Tokyo Olympics standings, Lin Dan continued to rank 18th with 28230 points.In the Danish Open, he only got 2660 points, and it was not easy to break into the top 16.Next week, Lin Dan will continue to participate in the French Open, the first round opponent is Paranet.