Smiled and nodded to Wu Weihua and Zheng Yao,I said hello,But Xiang Chen first spoke to Zhu Guosheng。

“My daughter asked me to come over and help,But my daughter didn’t tell me,You would be so polite?”
Xiang Chen looked at Zhu Guosheng who was half kneeling in front of him,The first time I saw this old boy being so polite to myself,Xiang Chen is a bit embarrassed。
By Zhu Guosheng’s side,Zhu Shiyao can also put a few eggs in her mouth。
Xiang Chen smiled and greeted Zhu Shiyao,In terms of seniority,How can I be considered an uncle?,I still have to maintain my demeanor in front of juniors。
Say hello to a few people that I think I have a good impression on,Only then did Xiang Chen pay attention to the surrounding environment,Thinking back to Xiangyang telling himself,Here is a bastard who took medicine,As if I didn’t see it,But what’s the matter with these people around them showing a ghostly look to themselves??
Zhu Guosheng shook his head and smiled bitterly,It seems that he is unwilling to talk to Xiang Chen for a short time,Finally, Wu Weihua reminded Xiang Chen,And kept winking at Xiang Chen,Xiang Chen then began to examine himself,Is there something inappropriate。
When bowing,Xiang Chen himself was shocked,Looking at the plasma under the feet and the man under the soles of the feet that should have been unrecognizable,Xiang Chen suddenly felt that he had stepped on something incredible。
Chapter Five Hundred and One tester
It was originally an invitation,Go and talk to him,But I didn’t expect to catch up with Zhu Zhengkang’s memorial service again,Can’t accompany Xiangyang to attend Xiang Chen had to find a reason to help。
Follow the order and push the cup for another,Beware of Shanyou, this kid puts on himself,unconsciously,Xiang Chen and Shan fought again until dawn。
When two people who were almost unconscious woke up leisurely,The sky is already bright。
Shan found out that he had missed the call from headquarters,Xiang Chen found out that he had missed many calls from Xiangyang。
I thought after I dialed the phone,We are greeted by the squally showers of my daughter,But at the moment the call was connected,What Xiang Chen heard was Xiangyang’s anxious cry for help。
Xiang Chen and Shan You’s phone also appeared in the words “medicine”,Even if two people drink more,It can also make up for the story scene that happened。
A rush to the police station,A rush to the funeral of Zhu Zhengkang。
All the way,Xiang Chen felt like he was going to blow his lungs away,Cut corners,Jumped over the wall into Zhu Zhengkang’s memorial service,See the crowd。