‘Nirvana handkerchief’Doesn’t seem to be in a hurry,Slowly creeping in front of Li Tianzhi,It’s like a large jellyfish in an aquarium watching tourists through the glass,Every mouth is still cursing and arguing,Didn’t put Li Tianzhen in his eyes at all,It seems that the unified thinking hasn’t made up his mind。

“Put away your magical powers,Put away everything,Play dead,Lie down and play dead!”A voice echoed in Li Tianzhen’s consciousness,Like an avatar,It seems not,But the strange thing is,He has a natural affection for this voice,I did it naturally。
Quickly dissipate the pupil of true vision,Self-styled god,I fell slowly when my knees were soft,Although he is still floating in midair,But in‘Nirvana handkerchief’before,Obviously weak can。
“It will not be interested in too weak creatures,But he already knows my existence,Listen to my signal,Really forced,I yelled,Then let go of the gods。”
“you are……”Li Tianzhi’s heart moved。
“Since you can guess who I am,Just stop being verbose!”
“But once you leave,Everything is out of control。Not as good as me and this‘Nirvana handkerchief’Spell it,There may be a silver lining。”
“Don’t even think,Don’t say you are in such a low state now,Even when I was in full bloom, I didn’t dare to take it lightly,If the old thief Yuwen is here,Just ask him if he is afraid?”
“By now,What else?Since I can go out,I can come back naturally。”
The voice fell silent after a cold snort,The colorful light field in Li Tianzhu’s god hidden suddenly dimmed,The sea of vitality is calm,The Nantian Gate and Huoyan Temple above are wrapped in clouds and mist,It’s dimmed, almost invisible to the shadows。
Li Tianzhen suddenly felt a tingling all over his body,Then the creeps,This cloud of gray mist actually wrapped his soul,The countless mouths seem to stop chattering,But there is a unified consciousness looking for,They seem to think of themselves as noses,Some even want to invade him,This disgusting feeling of falling goose bumps,So he couldn’t help but burst out。
“He is in this body!”The stinky mouth of Kampot below began to encourage excitedly‘Nirvana handkerchief’,It must have a lot of fishy saliva。
“Hold on!”Instead, the voice in Li Tianzhu’s spiritual consciousness issued a warning。
Li Tianzhen had to stand still,But soon something found the weakness of his soul,Then I smelled the excitement,The mouth yelled immediately,Countless mouths poured in immediately,They showed their sharp teeth, ready to bite Li Tianzhen’s soul。
“Let go of the gods!”The voice in the consciousness shouted。
Li Tianzhen couldn’t bear it a long time ago,Mind move,God hidden cave open,Suddenly a golden light flew out of his head,Pierced the fog without hindrance,Then made a sharp bend in the air,Rushed down with a puff。
“It’s him!”Kampot’s big mouth was so excited,But the next moment I screamed horribly,“Oh,Stop him,Do not!”
‘Nirvana handkerchief’Response is extremely fast,Although golden light is as fast as lightning,But it is still firmly entangled at the end,A large cloud of gray fog was suddenly drawn into a straight line。
Although Jinguang’s is dimmed a lot,But the speed is not affected at all,With tangled gray mist,Whistling down like a tail flame,In the panic screams of Kampot,Puff and sink into the cliff on the other side of the bottom of the space,That is Kampot’s forehead,The whole space suddenly shakes the mountain。