When Zhou Xinlin finished,At this moment,Those around,They raised their heads and looked at them。

The more so,This matter actually becomes more and more difficult。
As for the next,How to solve it,How could Zhou Xinlin not know。
And the others,They agreed。
“Since I have said so now,What should I do,Isn’t it simple??”
“Who said no,but,If you look at it from here,Actually, I feel,This opportunity,Actually it came very well。”
“What you want me to say,Don’t think about that much,get ready,Then let’s start。”
When the people around don’t forget to say here,The more so,Actually how should this matter be resolved。
these questions,Zhou Xinlin looks more,The more I feel like this,In fact, it is absolutely necessary to handle it well to be the kingly way。
And in front of Zhou Xinlin,The people around are looking at this side。
Actually they are very excited。
And Zhou Xinlin said to Zhao Sikang:“right now,You have seen it too。”
“In this case,Then this matter,I can promise you!”
When Zhou Xinlin finished,Zhao Sikang nodded repeatedly。
Now that this is the point,Then next,How to solve it。
Actually this matter,It did come very well。
“All right,Now words,Other things,Don’t think about it so much.。”
“this matter,How to solve it,I think,Is a good opportunity!”
Zhou Xinlin and Zhao Sikang discussed,Two people are completely determined。