Yard,Luo Yi standing in front of the rockery,Listening to the sound of cooing water。My eyes are a little hollow, watching a few big koi swimming around in the water。

“what happened?Just say something!Don’t hold it in your heart,It’s bad for your health”Xia Jian said,Walked over gently。
Luo Yi turned around,She glanced at Xia Jian and said:“It’s nothing,Just feel a little bored。Hi!You are leaving tomorrow,I shouldn’t have such a mood”
“Nothing,If unhappy,If you want to lose your temper, just send it to me。In fact, there is only one ticket between us,No big deal”Xia Jian smiled,Very relaxed。
First2123chapter Bizarre friendship
Overcast in the sky,It feels like it’s raining again。Xia Jian and Luo Yi standing in front of the rockery,By the dim light in the yard,Watching the fish go around in the water。
“It feels like it’s raining”Xia Jian said softly。
Luo Yi glanced at the dark sky,Took a long breath and said:“Is a bit stuffy,Time to get off。Still a bit dry this winter,Rain will reduce fires”
Xia Jian can hear it,Luo Yi is also looking for words without words。he does not know,Why is this between them?Is it because he didn’t promise Luo Yi to stay??
suddenly,A drop of rain fell on Xia Jian’s face,He couldn’t help but smile:“Down,I’m really down”When Xia Jian said this,,Found Luo Yi with his neck up,I feel the raindrops falling in the sky with my face。See out,She is very immersed in it。
This is also a release,Xia Jian understands Luo Yi’s mood at the moment,But he can’t say much。Raindrops are getting denser,It feels like heavy rain is coming。
Xia Jian can’t stand it anymore,He reached over,Take Luo Yi’s arm,Hurried to the living room。It’s really risky,They just ran to the door。The rain made a bang,Like falling from the sky。
In a while,The rain in the yard stirred up spray。The weather in the south is like this,Talk about rain,Seems to never be vague。
Luo Yi who returned to the living room suddenly changed his person,She smiled at Xia Jian and said:“I’m afraid the people who ran around these past two days are all tired,Rest early。Let Ali to see you off tomorrow morning,My group will not go if something happens”
“Ok,You busy you。I’ll just take a taxi tomorrow,Ali does not need to go”Xia Jian is telling the truth。How convenient is a taxi?,Send him over,Ali has to come back in the car。Moreover,He didn’t bring anything。
Luo smiled and said:“You figure it out!I’m going to rest,I will go to America to do something tomorrow night,It may take a week to come back。Call me if you have anything,You can call Aunt Wu”