No spirituality?

This must be a bullshit,How could seniors be insane?!
An instant,Ling Tiannan and Ling Anan understood,Oh~~~~So that’s what happened!!
It looks like Senior must want to pretend to be mortals,If you say so……Will this be a test for seniors??!
Deliberately not showing spirituality,Test whether the God Sword Sect has the ability of discerning eyes and beads。
Must be like this!!
Suddenly,Ling Tiannan and Ling Anan’s faces,For a while, there was an expression worthy of my pride。
only……The question now is how to invite seniors back……
Blame the examiner,Drove off senior,How can you go back quietly now?……
Ling Tiannan looked at Jingpu in front of him for a moment,Hurriedly said:
“That one……Senior……”
Jingpu startled,He smiled helplessly and waved his hand:
“I’m really not a senior,I’m just an ordinary person,Just call me Jingpu……”
Jingpu knows,Maybe because of my looks,There are other things blessed,That’s why people misunderstand that I am a great immortal,But in fact,I am nothing。
Ling Tiannan was taken aback,to be frank,Call Jingpu’s name directly,Ling Tiannan dare not,Even this name must be fake。
but,Since senior won’t let me call……finally,Ling Tiannan was taken aback,Then he quickly said:
“that……King King?”