Xu Lu Yu smiled:“Yo,Shy!”

“呦,Let my sister look at this face.,I consider that allergy.。”She doesn’t forget to ridicule。
Zhou Ye:“Allergic to you!”
NS137chapter I spend Mulan Giant
Xu Dehe and Weekly In Zone Ye, I have a pile of things to pay attention to it.。
Although Zhou Jixi, although thanks to the sisters of the two teachers,But this ear is really listening to a somewhere。
Until eating,Two teenagers have seen the time in the middle of Zhou Yewu.。
Somena is obviously reluctant,Even some expectations,But Zhou Ye is still ruthlessly sent by them.。
Everything is finished.。
I suddenly felt some boring。
He is lying in bed,Hurry and call Chen Youwang and then the two games.。
d,Don’t say Chen Youwang guy,During his weekdays, he didn’t have a good time.,One of the princes, it is necessary!
“I am shooting,You order。”Zhou Ye went to the interface, he opened the wheat.。
This will enter the king canyon,He changed personal,Internet addiction teenager!
And Chen Youwang also incorporated“Death song”,The mother has begun to sing.……A song《legend》,Let Zhao Swino have heard that the mobile phone will be smashed.。
“Shut up,Singing so ugly,You do my mind.。”Looking at the opposite,Zhou Ye is a big lady Sun Shangxiang。
Although the fragrance is a hero later,But Zhou Ye has been hitting this place to play, still very experienced。
And Chen Yingqi also directly sacrificed his own single flower Mulan。
“Don’t want to win, you,You Hualan Sheng rate7Bar。”Zhou Ye thinks that Chen Youwang’s Hualan is simply sending murderer.。
I saw Chen Youwangman’s confidence.:“Is that is unexpected?,I spend the army,Elegation!”
Zhou Ye thought of the last time Chen Youwang said that it is directly opposite.0Rod20,Then I don’t dare to go out in spring water.!
“Your two hundred percentage of flowers,Let me really don’t believe it.,I doubt that you have to start playing me.。”Zhou Yewu opened Chen Yang this flower mullan record,This truth Nima light rises,Nor water win。
Chen Youwang still is still a bit unreasonable.,Grievances:“It is better to be too similar to our Golden Bureau.……Hard to do it。”
Zhou Ye“hehe”A:“It is clear that you pit people.,You see me all platinum.!”
“You are a 50-step laugh.,Don’t you know the king’s Canyon Human Hand??”Chen Youwang laughed。
This time has been opened.。
Zhou Ye also doesn’t want to have more expensive tongues with this goods.……
Anyway, from a small to big Chen, there is no gone, not let him not disappoint and desperate!
“Everyone stabilizes,Just don’t have this order。”Zhou Niwei has opened all wheat directly。
d,Because Chen Youwang has not yet goes out of the tower.,Success showed himself……
With a beautiful and beautiful voice,I have sent the first drop of blood like it.。
I am also ready for this Wino.,The face has always been a faceless expression。
Don’t say,His platinum’s Sun Shangxiang hits this gold bureau or a batch of fierce,One1Skills rolling,Then2Skills make opposite Mongolic deceleration,One morea,A wave,I didn’t dare to go out of my small horses.。
“Opposite to the opposite, I will catch me.。”Chen Youwang will still spend Mulan is not expensive.,Just fifth of six people,The system can’t see it.,Remind not to maliciously!
Zhou Ye continued to infinitely suppress the opposite side,Also took two people,However, opposite the assist seems to be a double row,It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bird.,Laid down2V1,It is simply killing……