“OK!If you don’t leave tonight,I will come to you,We should really have a drink“Wang Youcai said,Jumped into the car。

Wang Laowai came out last,Keep your head down,He seems to be thinking about something。He kept watching Wang Youcai’s car retreating to the entrance of the village,He lowered his head and went home。
Xiping Village Committee at this time,Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong are discussing something,They have been discussing this since last night。
First1197chapter Chen Gui invited Wang Youcai to drink
Discuss such topics in Xiping Village,It’s not the first time for Xia Jian。Had dinner last night,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong took him to the Xiping Village Committee,The three people discussed it all night。
This is not,They just squinted for a while back,Zhao Hong can’t sleep anymore,She drove Xia Jian up,Three people each ate a pack of instant noodles,Sat in the village committee again,Started to discuss the reconstruction of Xiping Village。
Facing such a powerful natural disaster,Xia Jian no longer has any confidence,He was in the discussion last night,Even proposed to build the breeding plant in other villages。
What he said,Provoked Zhao Hong to lose his temper。But it does,This is Xiping Village Farm,If you build another village,Is it still called this name??Xia Jian realized afterwards that he was impulsive,No wonder Zhao Hong lost his temper。
The three of them sat together and discussed for a while,But still no results。Don’t look at a little Xichuan River,Can be flooded every time,Can deal a fatal blow to Xiping Village。
“Half of the mountain where the Beishan slides down,Has been washed away by the river。Thus,The area of the original vegetable greenhouse will increase a lot,in my opinion。Build a breeding plant at the foot of the North Mountain,The place of the vegetable shed remains the same,Because considering the soil quality”Zhao Hong told her new idea。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,I couldn’t help but glance at Ouyang Hong,Ouyang Hong said with a smile:“good idea!This is perfectly possible。Beishan’s mountain is not big,After this landslide,The remaining half of the mountain is gone,This time with the help of the troops,Should dig deeper,Don’t talk about building a breeding factory,No problem building another one“
Xia Jian did not speak,But nodded happily。At this time,His phone rang,Xia Jian took a look,Can’t help but change his face。
Chen Xiaolan called,Could it be that the apple base in Shuijing Village was also flooded??Damn!Xia Jian was dizzy due to things in Xiping Village,He really forgot here,Didn’t even make a phone call。
Xia Jian hesitated for a while, as if he got on the phone,Chen Xiaolan’s cheerful voice came on the phone:“President Xia!I heard that Xiping Village suffered an unprecedented flood this time.,Should we send someone to support?“
Xia Jianyi listen,The heart that mentioned the mouth of the throat just let go,He asked quickly:“Are you all okay?“I am asking about Apple base?”Xia Jian emphasized again on the phone。