Taomishui small white recipe for acne and whitening


Taomishui small white recipe for acne and whitening

Taomi Shui is the most common thing in our daily life, but do you know its usefulness?

Many people just dump the Taomi Shui directly, so more waste is a good opportunity for beauty and skin care.

A lot of MM wondered if you could wash your face with rice water?

In fact, this can not only whiten but also remove oil and acne!

  Many people in women’s life think that Taomi Shui can be beauty.

Rice vitamins A, B, E, amino acids, and hydrochloric acid and other nutritional ingredients. When rice is washed, these “vitamin vitamins” and “minerals” will remain in the water. Therefore, rice washed with water will be “nutritional upgrade”, which can provide outstanding moisture and brighten skinEfficacy became famous and became a well-known natural beauty product.

  So is it really good to wash your face with rice water?

The beauty effect of Taoshui.

The nutritional ingredients under rice water stress can also effectively improve cell metabolism, prevent cell aging, and enhance skin resistance.

It is mild and non-irritating. It is even more recommended that the pH of rice water can be adjusted.

  The surface of the rice contains potassium, and water that has been washed twice will show a pH of 5.

It is weakly acidic at about 5 and then gradually changes to PH7.

Alkaline water around 2 has stronger detergency, which means that you can find the most convenient cleansing water according to your skin condition.

It is also crucial to master the steps of beauty and skin care.

  As long as you wash your face with rice water once every morning and evening, you can achieve skin beauty.

However, the skin-washing water used for skin beauty is not a casual rice-washing water, let the experts teach you how to do it!

  Wash your face with rice water: Method: Put white rice in a container and pour tap water.

After scrubbing, pour out the rice washing water, and then pour in tap water again. After scrubbing, leave the second rice washing water for later use.

After the remaining rice washing water was precipitated overnight, a milky rice washing water was taken and poured into a washbasin.

Add about washed rice water 1.

5 times warm water is sufficient.

Skincare is done with rice water!

Can I wash it directly?


  Skin care steps for washing your face with Taomi Shui: Initially, don’t pour Taomi Shui out, let the water settle for a while, and take a layer of clear water for washing your face.

  In the second step, in order to achieve a better effect, we dipped rice water with bamboo charcoal sponge and massaged it with both arms. Bamboo charcoal has the ability to adsorb dirt, so it can suck out the deep dirt on the skin.

  The third step, after washing our face with Taomi Shui, we also have a magical beauty skin care item, which is corn kernels!

This is a good helper for skin care!

Grind the corn kernels and place them on a cotton pad for facial massage. You will find that the process of corn kernel massage in the bladder is very magical and very comfortable.

  The fourth step, after all cleaning and exfoliating work, do not forget the follow-up care, it is necessary to apply toner.