Break the tradition of childning! This "mixed" college team is a little tide

  The local provision of funds, hatching resources, school boldly innovation cross-border training model, school-enterprise cooperation "sticking" education education two leather Learning interest, learning motivation | "望" News Week reporter Wang Jintao Zhou Kaigu training my country’s visually impaired population, but the volume of Braille books, small capacity, high production cost, affected visual impaired people’s learning and life.

Recently, Chongqing University Mingyue Komotive Experimental Class (referred to as the creative class) student independently designed a "Braille Multi-Bank Reader", similar to the plate, driving bump lifting through electromagnet microcontrolle unit, is expected to realize the electronic books Chemical, lightweight, low cost, may become incubation projects in the International Intelligent Industry Science Base of Mingyue Lake in Chongqing. This is the highlighted outcome of Chongqing explored school-owned collaboration and cultivation of high-level innovation entrepreneurial talents. Since last year, Chongqing two rivers and new districts and Chongqing University cooperate to carry out new engineering experiments, local providing training funds, hatching resources, school boldly new cross-boundary training models, preferably different professional students "mix and match" to open the Science and Technology Experimental Class, Joint Cultivation Creative military talent, Science and creative seed project.

  After a year of study, the students of Chongqing University, revealing innovation potential, why is it? This kind of school partner cooperates, can the new engineering education of cross-border integration can explore new roads for Kobodyn talents? The school partnership "Stacked" Shuangcheng Economic Circle Development Strategy in the Supreme School of Education and Chongqing, the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing is a scientific and technological innovation center with national influence.

Chongqing has long been facing inspections in the well-known research institutes, shortage of high-end scientific research talents, and unsuccessful transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

As the first national development and opening up new district in the western part, Chongqing two rivers New Zone has introduced a variety of research institutions, building a collaborative innovation park, but in the implementation of innovation drivers, local deep sense of scientific and innovative talents are scarce.

  "Science and technology innovation is not funding, policy, but Kechuang talents." Li Jie, deputy director of the two rivers and new district management committees of science and technology management, said that there are currently a variety of incubators, entrepreneurial competitions, etc. Platform, but most platform scientific thresholds is low, and there is less innovative entrepreneurial project with technology content. To break through the "card neck" problem in my country, realize the iterative upgrade of local industries. While encouraging grassroots entrepreneurship, while developing, we must vigorously develop high-end creative projects led by technology, and cultivate Kobodyn talents The weight of the middle. Colleges and universities are the main position of cultivating science and technology innovative talents.

Luo Yuanxin, deputy dean of the undergraduate student of Chongqing University, in recent years, many universities are also exploring the cultivation model of reform talents, but the cultivation of Komantuang talents should be closely integrated with industries, entrepreneurship, capital, and mentor guidance, investment A large number of time engaged in R & D experiments. How to share the cost of Komantang Talents, how to understand market demand, how to provide financial technology and experimental equipment for innovators, how to achieve industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, is difficult to solve in colleges and universities.

  In the June, the two Jiangxin Districts, Chongqing University, one shot, through the school-enterprise cooperation "sticking" education two leather, Casting Science and creative training plug-in point – two sides established the Mingyue Lake – Chongqing University New Industry Education Science and Technology Platform Talent training program, two rivers and new districts provide talent training funds, and reluctantly serve students’ training and entrepreneurial projects. Chongqing University opened a creative class, cultivated product innovation talents with design thinking, engineering thinking and system thinking, and jointly develop forward-looking layout for innovative driving development.

  In September last year, Chongqing University was selected by nearly 300 declared freshmen, three resume screenings, comprehensive interviews, project production, etc., 30 outstanding students from different professions, and forming the first phase of creating work. After completing the compulsory course, after crossing the curriculum, the students entered the corresponding theme laboratory to carry out project research; reaching graduation requirements, can grant a bachelor’s degree in new engineering students such as robotic engineering, intelligent medical engineering, artificial intelligence, data science and big data technology . The scientific and intelligent development of disciplines, cross-border cultivation, etc. The rapid development of leading science and technology and industries, so that the borders of the disciplines have been blurred, and the SLR’s single knowledge background has been difficult to develop competitive products. Luo Yuan newly said that my country’s implementation of the discipline system, divided all the knowledge fields into 13 disciplines, under the "School-College (Discipline) – Professional Direction" system, the college and professional openness, affecting the discipline Fusion with knowledge. How to break the traditional subject classification boundary based on the structure of the existing department, become a problem that the cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents urgently need breakthrough.

  "The biggest feature of Kobang Class is the intersection of disciplines, cross-border cultivation." Luo Yuan said.

Chongqing University from the School of Mathematics, School of Physics, School of Physics, Chemical Engineering, Humanities Department, etc. 2 to 3 teachers, emphasize knowledge cross-borders, problems, critical construction, innovation drivers. Wu Xiaozhi, Vice President of the School of Physics, Chongqing, said that traditional teaching is based on teachers.

In Kechongban, university physics and mathematics merged teaching, and combined with "Qi people to work" and other classical science books, focus on the opening and thinking of engineering students, human feelings, let students know why, how to use. In order to let students have enough time to engage in projects, do experiment, Luo Yuan new introduction, this class implements a big knife teaching reform – compressed class but significantly improves the course difficulty, some courses canceled the exam, so that students will be applied to experimentation, design To check the learning effect. Qin Yue, Teacher, Chongqing University School of Mathematics, said that in addition to the physical courses, the class’s mathematics courses are no longer a large number of principles, but focus on mathematics principles, let students use high knowledge for engineering design and Solve the problem.

  Li Zezhen, a student, said that the experimental class has made a boat in the experimental class, so that the boring high application is actual. "Although he learned 16 courses last year, the task is very heavy, but learning is fun, more efficient "The road to cultivate the future, innovation, collar, talent, and study, and study. Zhang Yimeng, the head of Mingyue Lake International Intelligent Industry, Mingyue Lake, said that the student holiday of Komantong Castle will participate in the Science and Technology Camp in Mingyuehu Chuangli, and the good project will receive the industrial base innovation fund; the base will be in the student Third, the full chain support for entrepreneurial tutors, technology and hundreds of enterprises resources during the fourth period, through this "Kibo + Industry" innovative ecology, gave birth to an innovative enterprise with strong market competitiveness. At the same time, Mingyuehu Branch Base Training Camp is based on "Young People + New Product + Core Technology" model, through the recruitment of Science and founding in colleges and universities, let students deliver creative inspiration in business, solve the smart product prototype of user pain points. To cultivate incubation entrepreneurial seed projects. Gong Linzi, Gong Lin, said that Komantong Class has a rich practical class, the teacher will arrange students to go to the company, laboratory, and Kobe base practice, "When doing project, we will invest, research, optimize, cooperate, Step by step to turn the idea into a real product, very well cultivated my Kobang thinking. Interview with teachers and students said that under the support of Chongqing University and Laojiang New District, "Mingyue Lake-Chongqing University New Engineering Education Science Platform" broke the traditional college education model and achieved a certain effect. However, technology innovative talents are still subject to conceptual, and the education institutional mechanism is troubled: First, new engineering education must not only solve students ‘learning models, but also solve students’ interest, goals and internal power, but students and parents learn target power to college The idea is generally general, mainly by promotion, postgraduate; at the same time, after a long-term test education, students have a lack of independent learning.

Second, the new teaching model requires different professional teachers to cooperate, spend a lot of time to prepare lessons, teaching and continuous improvement, how to incentive teachers team, avoid in "in the alarm", emphasize the praise of teaching and educating people, need further explore.

  It is reported that after the opening of school this year, the second phase of the undergraduate class has successfully completed the enrollment. The first phase of graduate creating work has also successfully formed, 7,500 square meters, more than 20 different topics, the Kuchuang Laboratory has launched the bidding. Li Jie, Luo Yuanxin said that next two rivers New Zone, Chongqing University will further strengthen the discipline, curriculum design, and explore new roads for the cultivation of future industrial innovation leaders.