Mental health: new ways for newcomers to the workplace

Mental health: new ways for newcomers to the workplace

Nowadays, some workplace newcomers have not truly “graduated” psychologically after graduating one or two years ago. They miss the good life of the college era, think that they are not pregnant, and are anxious about their career prospects . Experts pointed out that facingThe change of role of students to “social people”, newcomers in the workplace should actively adjust their mentality, so as to “class fatigue”.

  When I first entered the workplace, I was very motivated. “When I think of going to work, I’m so bored. When can I get to work?

Just after the Spring Festival, Juan Zi, who is only 25 years old, developed “laboratory disorder”, and she just started to work a few months ago.

  In August last year, Juan Zi graduated from a famous university and found a job as soon as she left the school. She worked as an office clerk in a large state-owned enterprise. This job is not very big to Juan Zi.Documents and occasionally participate in activities of some units.

  At first, she was enthusiastic about improving work efficiency and optimizing work procedures several times, and offered her some opinions to the leaders, but most of them were not. At the same time, she faintly felt that colleagues began to have a view on her.Make her very confused.

  Monotonous and low salary can’t adapt. Slowly, Juanzi began to adapt to the way of working here. There is no more and more, and she does her job step by step. This job that seems easy to others, is more and more in Juanzi’s eyes.Feeling monotonous and bored.

  如果仅是工作的无聊,娟子还可以适应,可一个月下来,仅1000多元的薪水简直是无法忍受,“尤其同学聚会的时候,总要‘晒晒工资’,同学里我是最少的,You know, my grades in school have always been among the top in the class!

“I’m tired of going to work and hoping to change jobs. On several occasions, Juan Zi has sprung up the idea of” hopping “, but it has been unanimously opposed by family members.

Mother always said that she was so high-minded, “This job that everyone wants to find in the eyes of others, but never give up casually.

“The monotony of work, the incomprehension of colleagues, and the meager salary make it difficult for Juanzi to raise his enthusiasm for work.” Anyway, I do what I do, and no one says anything. It is better to mix with the flow, but in the futureIs this coming soon?

“Thinking of this, Juanzi felt confused and helpless.

  Experts adjust their mentality Yao Shaomin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Mental Health of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University believes that each newcomer will have a “solitary period” just after work, and those who adapt quickly can pass in one month; those who adapt slowly may take half a yearTo pass.

However, there are also some newcomers who experience obstacles and trauma from the mind when they experience the “solitary period”, which produces “laborlessness” or other bad psychology.

  To change this situation, we must first start with ourselves, infect colleagues with our passion for work, take the initiative and not rush, and be positive and not aggressive.

Even when you are always faced with uninteresting work, you have to work hard because no one can find a “perfect job” in the first place.

  If you are not interested because you don’t understand things, you can develop your own interest in your work.

For example, when deep processing of boring report data, interest may be generated with corresponding spreadsheet software.

  If the work at hand really fails to raise your interest and is not recognized by others, then it does not prevent you from encouraging yourself in another way.

You can arrange a thing you like and put it in your annoyance, and then you have the motivation to do the thing at hand.