Clown won the best male lead in the Golden Ball movie plot category, Parasite won the foreign language film

“Clown” won the best male lead in the Golden Ball movie plot category, “Parasite” won the foreign language film
On January 6, 2020, the 77th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was held in Beverly Hills Antiques, Los Angeles, USA. In the competition of film imitation, “1917” and “Hollywood Past” won the most in the plot category and music / comedy category respectively.The best film, the best foreign language film, was picked by “Parasite” directed by Feng Junhao. This is also the first time that a Korean film has won an award since the Golden Globe Awards in 1944.And Okafina won the best actress in the music / comedy category with “Don’t Tell Her”, which is also the best way for the first actor to win the Golden Globe Awards.The 77th Golden Globe Awards winner list Best film in the drama category: “1917” Best film in the music / comedy category: “Forest Hollywood” Foreign language film: “Parasite” Best actor in the Korean drama category: Jae Kun· Best Actress in the Phoenix “Clown” Drama Category: Renee Zweig Best Director in “Judy”: “Lost Alternative” Best Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino “Hollywood Past” Best Director:Sam Mendes, “1917” Best Actor in Music / Comedy: Tarren Eggton, “Rocket Man” Best Actress in Music / Comedy: Okafina, “Don’t Tell Her” Best ActorSupporting role: Brad Pitt, “Hollywood Past” Best Supporting Actress: Laura Dunn, “Marriage Story” Best Original Soundtrack: Hildi Guznadotil, “The Clown” Best Original Song: (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again《火箭人》塞西尔·B·德米尔终身成就奖:汤姆·汉克斯桑拿、夜网李妍编辑黄嘉龄