Out of the trash can,Ivincent took a deep breath a little greedily。

“I still want to remind you,Their inspection of garbage trucks is the strictest!”
Dawson thought he knew Ivancent’s plan,Dawson had to remind。
The guards at the gate of the prison are extremely strict in checking the vehicles entering and leaving the prison.,Need not say this,Everyone knows。
“Of course I know there is no way to get out hiding in a garbage truck,So we go here!”
Ivincent pointed to the sewer exit under his feet,Said with a smile to Dawson:“Although the taste is much worse,But for freedom!”
The underground passage is very long,Dawson followed Evincent for a long time,Just randomly chose an exit to climb up。
Two people lying on the grass,The sound of cycling can be faintly heard in the distance,Smell the fragrance of birds and flowers,Same world,But it’s a different feeling。
Oriental whitening,Evincent straightened up,Look far away,Not only yearning in the eyes,Where is more hidden。
“What are we going now?”Dawson looked at Evincent and asked。
“Don’t plan to leave me,Then enjoy the free world of yourself?”Evincent raised his brows and asked。
“It’s nice to be alone,But still get caught,This world seems to have no place for me,Better to stay with you,It feels more exciting than myself!Besides,I don’t think I can fight the world alone,But you can!”
Dawson looks at Evincent,I honestly said my thoughts。
In the past, Dawson had only heard of demons and gods who tried to subvert the world in myths.,If someone tells him that one person can fight against the whole world,Dawson smiles when he is in a good mood,When you are in a bad mood,The man who preached to him will be out of luck。
But now if someone tells Dawson,There are people in this world who can fight against this world by themselves,Dawson will not only believe,Will tell that person,The person he was talking about was Evincent。
“You can guess what i’m going to do?It seems you have learned a lot along the way!”
Evincent smiled and looked at Dawson,Get up slowly,Embracing the morning light that just came out,Then clap your hands hard,Seems to be smashing something。
Just gave people a warm imagination,Then I was surprised。
Although I have vaguely guessed what Evincent wants to do,But when Dawson really saw Evincent’s action,Still can’t help but startled,Then relieved。