Li Ming and Daojun Wanyue nod frequently。

The gods and demons are powerful and powerful,Ordinary fine wine, even if it does not deliberately obliterate the wine,Don’t want to get them drunk。
By contrast,There is a lot more wine that can make the Taoist master of Qiqiu get drunk。
of course,A wine that can truly enjoy the edge of Hedo,For the world、Even some weak lords are considered poisonous wine。The energy contained in it,But not that easy to digest。
Although Li Ming’s practice time is not too long,(For the Taoist level,Now Li Ming has not experienced a Chaos Era in the reckless universe),But there is a lot of experience。
The waning moon Daojun rises from the dark kingdom,Much experience。
Dongqi Daojun has experienced no less than five times in Yu Xinghai.,Make connections with all parties。
Four people talking,Let’s talk about some turbulent experiences,Anecdote。
The four Taoists talked for most of an hour,Li Ming paused,Knocked on the table,Decide to go straight to the topic。
“Dongqi Daoyou,Don’t hide,I came here to ask for something。”Li Ming said。
“Here comes the topic!”Dongqi Daojun’s heart burst,Waved,Let the practitioners under his command leave this hall。
Know the things between Daojun,It’s not good for those practitioners。
The whole hall,There are only four Taoists,And two puppet guards who are absolutely loyal to Dongqi Daojun。