“Even at all costs,at this point,Must also be completed!”

Li Kangjie is confident,and,He doesn’t want to see here,Just consume it directly。
After all now,If you don’t take advantage of this time to do something,obviously,It’s still far from enough。
As for the next,How to deal with such a problem,Just this,Actually it’s very straightforward。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then next,All of us,Let’s hurry up and prepare!”
Chapter 182: All Trap
For such things,Li Kangjie at this time,He can see it completely。
After all such a thing,It’s more direct than imagined。
And Li Kangjie asked the people around him。
“How’s it going,What’s the situation now?”
When Li Kangjie’s words are finished。
Now,people around me,He shook his head at Li Kangjie。
“Patriarch,Before us,Totally fooled,These now,All traps,Let’s simply be overwhelmed。”
These things,If it wasn’t for Li Kangjie to say now,I guess no one will understand。