“Let you go to Ganda?”The driving non-staff team member asks Xia Mei and Xu Wan。

Xu Wan said:“I get off at Ganda,Sister Xia went to the University City Library。”
Not long,The car stopped at the gate of Gan,Xu Wan got off the car,Planning to say goodbye to the two,Gan Yifan got off the car too。
“You don’t go back to Ganjiazhuang directly?”Xu Wan asked him。
“No more,Right here,Let’s go meet my aunt,Left too long,Aunt can’t find me,Called the police twice。”
Xu Wan laughed lightly,“Your aunt really cares about you。”
The two said goodbye to Xia Mei,One enters the gate of University of Gansu,One goes across,Lin’an community is very close to Ganda,Just across two streets。
It’s three o’clock in the afternoon,Snow piled under the trees on the street,Snow particles floating in the sky,Intermittently,There are not many pedestrians on the street,Holding an umbrella,Very thick。
Gan Yifan carrying a big bag,Stride meteor。while walking,Unknowingly slow down,Not because of something,Or meet acquaintances,Just because the city of Ganning has a slow pace,Pedestrians holding umbrellas walk slowly,Less trade in shops along the street,Drinking tea and chatting a lot。
Just experienced a big storm,Suddenly returned to the calm city,He needs to adapt to the rhythm of this city。
Lin’an Community is still the same,No one goes in or out at this point,Some shops along the street on both sides of the community have been closed,Some are still on。The agency opened the door,Gan Yifan looked from a distance,I saw the black-hearted boss and his wife in the shop。
Logically,I should be very angry to see them,But now Gan Yifan is suddenly not so angry,Just took a look,Go back into the community。
“Whoops,Wherever you can come back,Where have you been during this time?Makes your auntie almost crazy,Go back soon,Your aunt just came back now,Your grandpa and grandma are here,Go back and report for safety。”
An aunt sitting on the side of the road and chatting with melon seeds came over enthusiastically,Gan Yifan vaguely remembers this old lady’s surname Zhao,Good relationship with aunt。
“Eh,I will go back,Thanks Aunt Zhao。”
Before, Gan Yifan went in and out of the community every day,Almost never ignore people,People greet him,Most of the time he just didn’t hear,Respond occasionally,Nod at most。I suddenly agreed,It made this enthusiastic Aunt Zhao stunned,“This little guy is different from before,Understand politeness……”