Wright supports gravity,But there is no active attack,At the same time control the earth element,Want to further weaken the influence of the frost cage。

Gradually,Wright closed his eyes,Countless ideas in my mind collide。
With Wright’s unconscious manipulation,
When the restraining pressure is reduced to a certain level,Wright’s eyes opened suddenly,A strong earth breath erupts around the body!
Wright did not chant,Magic power oozes involuntarily,Forming an earthy yellow halo。
Wright is‘The mystery of gravity’’S scattered insights gather together,Even Wright is now not only completely free from the spell in gravitational space,And the power to cast is greater than the power released by the spell。
Watching Wright happily experiment with his new moves。
“This kid is really talented!”Eleanor Saint Magister smiled and shook his head。
“how about it,What is the talent of my disciple!Heroes”A fiery red figure appeared behind her,Said with a chuckle。
“Humph,That’s my grandson-in-law!”Eleanor Holy Magister also smiled。I’ve spent several years feeling the trick,Wright realized a similar method just in the discussion,And it looks like it’s still being improved!This talent is too shocking。
Two people watching,Smile at each other。
Chapter Twenty Seven
Magnolia continent west of the Warcraft Mountains,North of the Dark Forest,Is the most chaotic in the entire Magnolia continent,The most brutal area。Here are the most numerous bandit groups,There are the most cruel and exploited nobles in the mainland,There are also the most conservative and brutal ordinary people!
The Magnolia Continent calls this area the Land of Chaos。
Even by the Magnolia Empire、The three kingdoms of the Far East Prairie regarded as barbarians by the Puang Empire,Although the prairie people are barbaric,Also has its own order。And the folk customs here,But it is extremely cruel。
Wright once heard a joke,Throw a third-level fighter of the Magnolia Empire and a third-level wind wolf into the Colosseum,The last thing I got was part of the soldier’s corpse and a full wind wolf;Throw a third-level fighter of the Puang Empire and a third-level wind wolf into the Colosseum,What I got is a wind wolf;Throw a third-level warrior and a third-level wind wolf into the Colosseum,The corpses of the warrior and the wind wolf;If you throw a third-level warrior and a third-level wind wolf into the Colosseum,Got a half-full fighter。