Dao Zu,Is already recognized as a true powerful person in the Three Realms!Dao Zu,Even the leaders of the Three Realms must pay attention!His position in the Three Realms has greatly increased。

If you break through the water and heaven again,Some of his plans can really be realized。
suddenly,A trace of embarrassment flashed across Li Ming’s face。
“Almost forgot,Nearly a hundred gods are in the cave mansion of my deity。”Li Ming’s face is a little weird,“Forget it,It’s too important for me to improve my golden core,Don’t disturb。Only two years,Just let them wait,They have been waiting for countless years anyway。”
Li Ming through mana,Explain to the gods in the cave。
Chapter Twenty Four Tao Zu Mana、parting、Take refuge in
In the cave,A piece of bird and flower fragrance,More than one hundred and eighty gods in the Moon Lake are drinking tea with an incarnation of Li Ming’s deity under an ancient tree。
“Ming Daoyou,You said something happened in the Three Realms,It takes two years to resolve。Need our brothers help。”The Tyrannosaurus God among the ancient Seven Dragon Gods is also a bold person,Patted Li Ming on the shoulder。
“Yes,Fellow Ming Dao is alone after all,Our—More than one hundred close to two hundred devas。As long as it’s not Daozu,No one in the Three Realms can deal with us!”
“rest assured,A little thing,It just takes some time,Daoists don’t need to worry!”Li Ming smiled slightly,Not talking about this time。
Other gods will no longer be held accountable。
Same as Li Ming guessed,These gods have stayed in Moon Lake for countless years,Don’t care about waiting for another two or three years。