Why didn’t he think that the black energy in the body actually has such a powerful power?。

Directly swallow the opponent’s vitality。
Xiao Chenpu saw that Li Hui Hui Hui Hui also cried directly.。
“Lee Boss,Li Li grandfather,You save me.!As long as you are willing to save me,I guarantee that I will never be paid to you later.。”
Li Hui also didn’t think that Xiao Chen Bou actually called.,After all, he didn’t say it without saving it.。
But if you want him to save,He nature doesn’t want to treat each other.。
“Hey-hey,The answer I want is not this.,Is the cash belt??”
What cash?”
Xiao Chenpu was asked by Li Xiang’s words.。
He is generally without cash this year.。
“Humph,If you tell the boss, I have forgotten it.?
Let me treat you how much starting price?”
“Oh oh,This.,I can transfer you for you.,Turn now,As long as you are willing to treat me。”
Li Hui has taken out a card of his own rural credit cooperatives directly from the card bag.,This card is still handled when he went to the bank to prepare a loan.,I didn’t expect it to use it.。
“Transfer,I will treat you if I receive the information.,Don’t come back from yourself since the same future.,You should also know that you have an inaccessible truth.。”
Although 50 million is not a lot,But 50 million let Xiao Chen beats to buy a life.,Li Hui Feng feels very comparable。
soon,50 million will be reported。
Li Hui Feng also took out a gold needle directly,Then the gold needle directly entered the opponent’s heart。
Gently run the exercise,Li Hui put it out of the black wire in the opponent.。
As the black wire is stripped,Xiao Chenzhu is also feeling that he is warm.。
Especially the heartbeat of the heart,That speed is also getting faster and faster。
This feeling makes him feel relieved.。
Li Hui also is also surprised,Already peeling with black wire,After he re-absorbed,He feels that I haven’t broken the feeling.,It seems that there is a sign of looseness。
This makes him feel a shortcut to break through the realm.。
He really wants to know what agency is above.。
Is it a so-called root base?,How to get it again??
These things are some virtual for him.,But he feels that these things are true.。
“All right,you can go now,Currently don’t die within ten years,As for your value, I am afraid I have to recover slowly.,Of course, I can also continue to treat you.,Let you restore it before,But then it is necessary to help with the Danfang.。”
“Don’t say 50 million,It is a billion to take it down.,Do you want to treat??”
Li Hui Feng said that this is completely trying to try the other party is not really uploaded to the network.,The flow of traffic can earn a few billions in a year.。
“no problem,One billion, I still can take it.。”
When you say this, Xiao Chen beat is also a face of her face.,He felt that the money earned in these years seems to be with the wind.。
“it is good,Then come here every day.,I remember to bring money tomorrow.。”