at least,The Immortal Palace of the Dao League definitely has this ability。

Facing Li Ming’s inquiry,Carrying the magical spirit that is dominated by insights and complete memories, it doesn’t answer at all.。
Li Ming didn’t care,This magic weapon is very special,some‘Proud’It should be—I hope in the hands of those powerful emperors,Can stay so proud。
“It’s just that my maze of strange stars is a waste of time!”Li Ming shook his head,Although it has been predicted,But asking Xin Jingling might have problems。
Such a treasure of the universe,Even if he follows him, he dare not accept it!
“Nothing more,I originally planned to travel around the Xinghe Valley to experience and explore,Just like a turn。”
“Say again,Fight against this maze of strange stars,My perception of the unity of mind and power is obviously deeper,Should be considered the pinnacle of the third stage。If further,It’s not impossible to match the ruler of the three-step path!”
“But now that I got this magic weapon,Just go back to the Immortal Palace of the Dao League!”Li Ming said to the waning moon,“Waning moon,Since I came out, I just won’t go back to the cave,We now return to endless territory,By the way, break into some low-risk places,Sharpen oneself!”
“Yes!”The waning moon Daojun now looks at Li Ming,Already very admired and well-behaved。Not to mention that she knows,Run into low-risk places,That’s her experience。
First27chapter Elixir
Huoluoshan、Star wind belt,Nine Dome Cave House。
Dangerous places of experience rush over。Of course these dangerous sharpenings,Naturally, for the waning moon。
For Li Ming,The highest danger, but the level of Daojun against Heaven, does not threaten him。
A series of experiences,It is also a rare trial for the waning moon Daojun,Especially when there is danger in all directions,The waning moon Daojun has a breakthrough,Go a little further along with the clone,Can condense six clones at the same time。
of course,Occasionally an over-threatening crisis,Enough to make the waning moon Daojun ten dead without life,Li Ming will naturally take action。
With his strength,The entire Xinghe River Basin and even the Yuxing Sea,The danger that can threaten him is still relatively small。
In a canyon,Surrounded by exotic flowers and plants,Exudes a strange and sweet smell。