The elite in the workplace urgently need psychological beauty!

The elite in the workplace urgently need psychological beauty!

On the eve of Wudan, Wei Dong, the helm of the “Yongjin Department”, “accidentally died,” and the cause of his death was “suicide due to depression.”

  There is no doubt that Cui Yongyuan, the famous host of CCTV, had suffered from depression, and Hong Kong movie star Leslie Cheung also died of depression.

Some experts even say that everyone has more or less psychological problems.

  Senior managers, as the “double-sided tape” in the workplace, often need to bear the psychological pressure.

Moreover, the more elite, the more worry-free, the more prone to psychological problems.

  So, is there a “mind yoga” for this group?

  Depression, quietly struck in stress . The last straw that crushed the camel came from the weight of the straw itself, but also from invisible psychological pressure.

  Chen Baiqing has not laughed happily for a long time.

  Despite his enviable job and income, he has a family that looks happy to others.

However, happiness seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him.

  Every day, Chen Baiqing goes to work early-most of the reasons are due to inertia and mixed with a slight hope.

For the head of a large company like him, it is crucial to be able to take another step before the age of 45, because this is basically the “last fight”.

Therefore, it is normal to work overtime; socializing after work is also an essential part of life.

  Work and have a hard time?

  Chen Baiqing found that he was getting more and more unhappy. It was the last year.

Due to the reorganization of the company, personnel changes have changed greatly, and he has almost lost his position.

In order to gain a foothold, there is only more diligence.

  In fact, Chen Baiqing used to be a person who could separate his family from his work.

But now, unless I get home from work, I often cannot sleep at night because of work.

Insomnia is beginning to become a habit, and sometimes you can only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills.

  ”Why does your department’s performance never break?

“” Why are there any customer complaints again? ”

“The boss patted the table in the office.

At this time, Chen Baiqing, who had turned pale, remained calm and didn’t say a word.

Because he knows that arguing with the boss is futile at all, this is his “experience” with deep pain.

In the first few years when Chen Baiqing went to work, he was young and vigorous, and had a theory with his boss. As a result, he was pushed out by his boss and eventually had to leave the company.

Since then he has understood the truth: if it is useless to persuade the boss, it is better to resign.

  Back at the office, before I had time to ease my mood, the secretary’s phone came again: “General manager, your client has arrived.

Chen Baiqing pulled his tie and hurriedly walked out of the office.

“It’s been a long time, Mr. Zhang.

He smiled forward, symbolizing his hands.

This professional mask has been used freely in Chen Baiqing’s uniform, but he is actually quite tired.

  When Chen Baiqing walked out of the office, it was already 11 midnight.

There are not many cars on the fourth ring road. He drives fast and the music is loud and broken.

The morning scene appeared before his eyes, and his brows were tightened even tighter . when he got home, it was almost early morning.

His wife fell asleep early.

Chen Baiqing, without any sleepiness, stood at the window blankly.

“The days with the masks are really exhausting.”But what can I do?

“Combining” room slaves “,” car slaves “, and” child slaves “all in one, aren’t you tired?

I’m afraid it’s just an extravagant imagination.

  ”If it’s not for the family, or because it’s getting harder and harder to find a job now, and I’ve been around for years, I won’t suffer from this misery.

“Look at the friends around you, some have become private enterprise bosses, some have academic achievements, some have married a wife who can achieve their own business . and they are still ordinary department heads, why?Can it be balanced?

  On the weekend, Chen Baiqing had a few good friends and went to the bar to drink together.

I also hope that I can talk about the pain in my heart.

Who knows, before Chen Baiqing talked for ten minutes, friends began to talk about their troubles.

It is simply a complaint meeting. Not only is it not easy, but it is affected by more bad emotions.

  I do not know since when the situation that was loved by the subordinates before was also broken.

Chen Baiqing has become increasingly difficult to control his emotions. He used to be able to objectively criticize his subordinates, but now it often turns into scolding.

When the subordinates met him, they immediately became stiff and avoided.

  Life, love is gone?

  Chen Baiqing’s wife is his college classmate.

Once, my wife was so considerate and greeted with warmth, and went home overtime at night to prepare a delicious supper for herself.

The daughter is also very lively and cute, “This is the joy of heaven.

No matter how tired the work is, the best charge is once you get home, and you can go to work the next day.

But . it’s been a long time ago.

“Now, because he often works overtime late, he and his wife have almost lost the opportunity to communicate, and sometimes it is normal to say nothing for a day or two.

The daughter is in high school and is in the sprint stage. The wife takes care of herself and often feels tired and stressed.

In Chen Baiqing’s opinion, she is still hardworking and capable, but like a vat filled with gunpowder, it often explodes unexpectedly.

  Looking at the wife who was getting fat, she didn’t care about her but she was just sulking. Chen Baiqing couldn’t help feeling desolate and irritable.

  ”Now I’m home, I just want to sleep.

A home that doesn’t feel love is chilling.

“Chen Baiqing’s eyes were empty.

  Depression comes with it . In the past six months, Chen Baiqing has gained 10 pounds in weight and the British spirit is no longer.

He rarely goes out with friends for drinks, chats, and even more upsetting.

In the past, he loved sports events, and began to be indifferent.

  His wife was recently sent on a business trip for one month.

Chen Baiqing, who returned to single life, either stayed in the office desperately working overtime or was alone at home smoking and drinking.

  Chen Baiqing’s friend Zhang Hui came to Beijing for a business trip and had an appointment with Chen Baiqing.

“what happened to you?

Haven’t you seen this for a year?

What hit?

Chen Baiqing just smiled bitterly. I didn’t know where to start or what to say.

After repeated inquiry by Zhang Hui, Chen Baiqing described his working and living conditions, depression, insomnia, worry, and finding directions . Chen Baiqing that day didn’t know how much alcohol he drank.

When Zhang Hui dragged him out of the bar and sent him home, it was already two in the morning.

The moment he opened the door, Zhang Hui was frightened, and the room was as messy as a thief.

He helped Chen Baiqing to the bed. He rolled over and vomited . Are you psychologically “beauty”?

  Know the little sand in your shoes, pour it out, or simply keep the sand out of your shoes.  I should thank Xiao Cui, who honestly confessed that he suffered from depression three years ago, so that people’s attention to mental and psychological issues has been greatly enhanced in the “laughs” of “Are you depressed?”

However, it is depressing that news of suicides among entrepreneurs and corporate employees still comes from time to time, such as Wei Dong.

The 41-year-old chairman of Yongjin Group said in a final message to his loved ones that due to long-term work stress, suffering from chronic obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia and depression, “makes me unable to face life.”

  For those who travel to the workplace every day, how should they treat their invisible and intangible psychological feelings?

Is work stress really the source of psychological problems?

What can I do to make myself feel better?

  Is there sand in your shoes?

  ”For entrepreneurs and senior managers, their pressure to book more does not acknowledge that they have a problem.

“Said Liu Ming, director of Beijing Dongming Time International Consulting Center.

  Although people’s ideas have changed greatly in recent years, people still cannot distinguish between mental problems and psychological problems.

When it comes to psychological problems, the first response of most people is still the “patient.”

  But in fact, for most people in the workplace, the stress of life events leads to depression and irritability, which may only stay part of the general problem, and does not require a psychiatrist.

Just as we go to work every day, we feel tired today and tomorrow, but we don’t realize the problem.

It’s like a piece of sand in your shoes, because it’s so small that you don’t bother to pour it out.

But after walking a long way, you will find that your foot has been injured.

And if there is a big pebble in the shoe, you will surely pour it out in the first time, but will not be injured.

  Nowadays, most people in the workplace are like running on shoes with little sand.

Entrepreneurs and senior managers face more problems every day, and injuries are almost inevitable.

Therefore, these small sands are considered primary.

  At that time, you may ask yourself: Am I happy?

  If your answer is “No”, please take care of your mental health in time.

This is actually the same as women’s beauty and men’s fitness, which should separate your daily consumption range.

  Is occupational stress the whole reason?

  However, just proving little sand is not enough.

What exactly caused the little sand?

  ”Occupational stress”, “work performance” . Have you noticed that when asked why they are irritable and depressed, many managers will call such reasons.

But is this all true?

  In Liu Ming’s view, the psychological problems brought by the profession itself are not very obvious characteristics.

Those who seek psychological help due to occupational stress, in fact, go deeper, often because of various problems, such as: emotional frustration (including emotions in various relationships), family problems, and so on.

  ”Occupational stress is there, but deep down, no one takes occupation as a real stress.

Happy content is always emotionally related.

“Liu Ming said,” If a person loves his profession too much, he must have a problem.

“: Some managers will even bend on holidays but unknowingly miss the company . Family and career are always two legs of a person. Having a good social support system can ensure that one leg is okay.Too big a problem.

People often don’t have the fact that when they feel extreme pain, they actually have broken their legs.

  From this perspective, family is a core content.

A person’s family is happy, he is motivated to work, and he doesn’t feel tired, because he will be charged when he goes home.

  Relieving stress is actually very simple. So, what can I do to pour out the sand from my shoes, or simply prevent sand from entering my shoes?

Some simple attitude and habit adjustments will definitely help you.

  Always pour your schoolbag. If your schoolbag has not been arranged for a month, you may find it difficult to find a small object inside.

The problem of psychological stress is also the same, it will be difficult to resolve without combing.In fact, the easiest way to troubleshoot is to regularly pour everything out.

  Finding a friend to tell is one of the most common ways.

Don’t be afraid to be called “Xiang Linyu”, you must know that if you don’t say it, you will become “Wei Dong”.

  In addition to helping to sort out from chaos to order, telling can also complete psychological metabolism, which is similar to physiological functions.

Communicating with people will produce energy interactions, which can help achieve the psychological metabolic process.

  However, it should be noted that the purpose of communicating with friends is to pour things out, and then pick, leaving positive emotions and bad emotions to abandon.

And don’t empty it yourself, but collect some things from your friends and put them in your bag.

  Life sometimes requires aimless exercise as well.

  But many people have misunderstandings about sports.

Ride a bike for 40 minutes at work and run 5000 meters a day. Are these enough sports?

In fact, this is not sports, but labor.

  Labor is purposeful and planned.

But sports don’t, do whatever you want.

Life needs to be a little aimless.

  Of course, even working is better than not working.

From the perspective of energy distribution, as long as you are walking, more blood is distributed on your legs to maintain the balance of the body. At this time, the heart and brain are not relaxed because they do not have sufficient supplies.

  Try to make yourself more realistic. You have a crush on a girl for four months, and it’s uncomfortable.

If you say it, you may be slapped, say it?

  In life, many of us are wearing masks, especially those with very good social functions.

After wearing the mask for a long time, I do n’t even know who I am, can I still be happy?

  In fact, everyone knows what they want, but they dare not do it.

It is also good to try to indulge yourself occasionally (without being corrected by harming others and not breaking the law) so that your small needs can be satisfied.

  Why Be Strong We often persuade ourselves or others: Be strong.

But why be strong?

  Like we all know that sugar is delicious, but no one wants to eat only sugar.

The same is true of human emotions, with joy and pain and sadness.

Just as people in the workplace often say: 10% of life is wonderful and happy, 10% is painful and helpless, and 80% is mediocre.

If there is no pain and mediocrity, how do you know what happiness is?

  Therefore, allow yourself to be weak and respect all your emotions.

A better mentality choice in life is: contentment and happiness.

Injuries often occur when you are powerless.

If you are a cup, then don’t go to the pot to do.

  Live a mansion for yourself, run a big run . If you pursue these just because you want to live an enviable life, you are actually living for others.

When you live for others, you may have a sense of accomplishment, but it is difficult to be happy.

  Properly “put down” and live for yourself, you will find that happiness is actually very simple, and the world is never the same.

  Tips: The difference between mental problems and mental problems. Mental and psychological problems are usually divided into three categories: mental disorders, mental disorders, and general problems.

  The most important feature of mental disorders is that they have a biological basis and belong to a physical disease. They must seek help from a psychiatrist and must be treated with drugs.

For example: a schizophrenic patient has a substance in his head called dopamine, which has problems with its transmission; depression is also caused by a substance called serotonin which causes problems.

To see if it is a mental disorder, there is another very important criterion is whether there is “self-awareness”.

Just knowing that you are sick.If there is self-awareness, this person is still a non-mental disorder, and mental disorders generally do not have self-awareness.

  Psychological obstacles are caused by psychological and social factors. A person is very frustrated. This state has been going on for a long time. This kind of heart disease requires cardiac medicine, and psychological treatment is needed at this time.

  General psychological problems refer to: the basic social functions such as life, work, and study have not been lost, such as: as a workplace person, you need to complete work tasks, no matter how much you want to drag or trouble, you can still complete them regularly.

This is called social function without damage.