2021 Network Security Publicity Week Financial Day

  In order to study the importance of the General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important thinking of network power, enhance the financial network security awareness of the people, October 15th, Jilin Provincial Party Meeting Office and the People’s Bank of China, the 2021 Jilin Network Security Promotion Zhou Financial Day activities started in Changchun. Activity focus "Keep the financial data safety bottom line, promote the integrated application of the financial data" Information protection and other knowledge. Online, with Changchun Center Branch WeChat public account, various commercial bank websites, mobile app, business outlets for publicity main positions, centralized broadcast network security theme promotion video, create a strong atmosphere of network security promotion; fully use UnionPay Cloud flash to pay Network security knowledge has a prize answer, enhance the social public participation, expand network security knowledge promotion cover, improve mobile payment user network security awareness and anti-fraud ability; invites third-party network security experts to carry out online security practitioners in the province’s financial industry Training lecture.

Inline, carry out network security network promotion activities, carry out network security knowledge into the community, enter the campus, "sitting" subway, enter the cinema activities, use posters, comics, network knowledge, etc., publicize network security common sense and financial anti-fraud Knowledge, enhance the public’s prevention awareness and prevention ability, and promote network security knowledge into the heart.

Editor in charge: Xu Wenhui.