Beijing Dongao Village: Athletes Apartment Building builds modern "Siheyuan"

  Yesterday (November 5th), Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited Beijing Dongao Village, visiting the Winter Olympic Village Operation Zone Reception Center, one-stop shopping square area and athlete apartment.

Song Jiaye, deputy director of the construction department of the major project office of Beijing, introduced that Beijing Winterao Village as the core, the heart and health, providing a full range of systematic solutions for living security, health and intelligence To create a more comfortable living environment for athletes to create a good health home. Beijing Dongao Village will pre-open village on January 23, 2022, officially opened on January 27th, closed in the village on February 23; Winter Disapro Village is pre-opened on February 23, 2022, official February 25 official Open the village on March 16th. The total construction area of ??Beijing Winterao Village is about 330,000 square meters, consisting of 20 residential buildings. Beijing Winterao Village Residential Area will provide accommodation, catering, medical and other safeguards for athletes and fault officials, and can provide 2338 beds. About 1040 beds during the Winter Disabled Association. The Delegation Reception Center was renovated by the old factory, including the three functional areas of the operation area, square area, and residential area, and the athlete’s registration, leisure and residence.

  From the North Gate of Dongao Village, the right hand is the operation area, and the function of the delegation registration, security, concierge, and media reception.

A spacious hall is the delegation reception center. Song Xuguang, Engineer, Engineer, Peking Group, Winter Olympics, is hereby refurbished, refurbished, refurbished, and transformed from 15 of the fourth cleaning vehicle plant factory building in Beijing.

The athlete was completed at the door, that is, the registration, activation, and stay in the residential area after the completion of the completion. In order to facilitate foreign athletes, the operation area will also have a radical of English to provide guidance services.

  Athletes can be a bird’ ice to accommodate the registration. After the registration is activated, the athletes can stay at the apartment. The residential area is composed of 20 apartment buildings.

  Introduction to the Yuthen City Project Manager of Beitou Group, the design concept of the apartment building is from the form of the courtyard of Beijing Siheyuan, and the construction of the 20 buildings, 6 to 7 in the hospital, and create a modern "Siheyuan". Among them, there are 2 larger courties, and the remaining two or three buildings have a small courtyard. Through the variation of the space, the space of the building, the household has a scene of the community. There are many Chinese cultural elements in these colleges, reflect the integration of Olympic culture and traditional culture.

Introduction, the design inspiration in the East and West District is from the Chinese traditional ice sports activities in the Qing Dynasty, "Ice", plus other landscape plants, and create a Chinese classical garden. From the athlete room, you can view the whole picture of the ice, feel the "ice and hun". Li Bin, a residential life service manager of Beijing Winterao Village (Winter Io Village), said that the residential area is divided into four apartments. North Youth Daily visited the largest 220 square meters of suite. Entering the room, first of all is the large living room, 5 bedrooms are located on both sides of the living room, each bedroom with bed, bedside table, wardrobe, hanger, table lamp, etc.

It is worth mentioning that athletes can regulate the inclination of the bed and bed tail, meet the different needs of reading, watching TV, sleeping. For athletes with excessive bed demand, beds are placed on the bed, so that the length of the entire bed can reach rice.

In order for the athlete to rest, each room is also equipped with electric curtains to achieve 100% shading.

  The Square is located in 28 living service space Beijing Winter Occun, which has set up a square area. Here "Tibet" is 28 living service space. This is the main area of ??athletes, with team officials and media. The square area is a sinking square. When the game, the athletes can enjoy "one-stop" life service, including printing, dry cleaning, flower shop, book biltdock, travel agency, hairdresser, convenience store, banking and other services.

At present, the China Bank Business Hall will have completed the decoration, and other stores are also renovated.

  Beijing Dong’ao Village (Winter Paralyland) venue, running team square area manager Yan Ming, November 20th and 21st this year, Dongao Village will perform pressure testing, including residential areas, running area, square area, etc. Merchants need to complete decoration, introduction of materials, etc., and ensure that personnel are in place.

After the game, the commercial information in the square area will be adjusted to create Beitou Shopping Park and open to the public.

  Text / This reporter Liu Yang.