Baoding Municipal Organization Administration launches fire safety knowledge training

  Great Wall Network · Yunyun Client November 9 (correspondent Huang Wei) November 9, Baoding Municipal Bureau of Organization Administration organized fire safety knowledge training activities with 119 National Fire Day. At 9:30 in the morning, the Baoding Municipal Bureau of Organization Administration organized the relevant personnel of the three centralized office districts of the Municipal Government Office, the Municipal Party Committee, Dongyuan, Taihang Building, and invited Baoding City Fire Rescue Detachment Jingxiu District Brigade Fire Professional Personnel conduct training.

  During the teaching period, Zhang Zhaoqing, deputy station director of the firefighting department of Fukuonan Street, the firefighting station, fire cause, common fire sign and facility equipment, fire saved common sense, fire escape, etc. Relevant cases, in the form of video, graphic, and in detail, in detail.

  Through this fire safety knowledge training, Baoding Municipal Bureau Affairs Authority aims to strengthen the fire safety awareness of each office, and learn how to properly and safely respond to unexpected conditions, and ensure the safety of life and property.