He wants to find her very, very much,But he is not a hairy boy,If you rush out with a cavity of blood,Will scare her。

He is an adult,The restlessness of adolescence has gone away from him,Mature and stable is his standard。
Girls like men who feel safe,If it is reckless,Will only cause disgust。
Huo Yunhe looks outstanding,Strong body,Ability is outstanding,Listen to the old four gossip,Company women secretly select the best husband,He tops the list。
He knows that the girl employees are in secretYYOneself,Secretary Yang has been by his side for more than a month,Never approached,Not to mention the nympho herself。
This discovery made him feel frustrated。
Thinking about,Can’t help but laugh,Self-deprecating,In order to reduce the trouble,Default,Maybe Secretary Yang thinks he isGAY。
Huo Yunhe gets upset,File can’t read,No intention to work at all,I think he finally moved to a girl,I don’t know where to start,Distressed。
Lean back on the back of the chair,Turned my toes more than half a circle,Noisy in your head,No clue。
Bang the table,The big man should stand upright,What does mother-in-law look like?Go chase if you like it,Rumors are just rumors,He will prove with facts,He is a straight man who likes women!
Chapter Seventy It’s that girl
Figured it out,The mood calms down,Anyway,The first thing to do is to confirm that the girl is Secretary Yang,To have the next move。
Huo Yun and this boredom-Sao man,After determining the goal in mind,Began to quietly observe Secretary Yang,Found she loves to laugh,Easygoing temper,No matter who it is, the work will be done earnestly,Colleagues get along well,No gossip,Not even idiot him。