There are more rumors about the two weird pets around Li Tianzhu,After the previous battles, it has been compiled into many versions of the story,Especially widely spread among special forces,But not many people have witnessed the battle between the two pets.,The big toad is said to have died in battle,And the black unicorn is extraordinarily arrogant,Have been sleeping in the mountains,Never took care of these left-behind players。

But the black unicorn’s battle today is far below standard,The players thought,Such an arrogant guy seems like nothing,The black unicorn has a thick face,I don’t care about Fansheng’s views,Because Fansheng can’t understand the battle between gods and demons at all,I don’t know what a powerful magical power is,So don’t care。
It’s not that it can’t beat the guy inside,It’s the invisible barrier that cannot be broken in a short time,The protective cover of the blood family is like a tortoise shell,Very sturdy,It was cracked just now for the second time,Maybe you can smash the shell completely by just one more time,But it hasn’t had time to shoot,Fansheng’s firearms are out,Looks like it works pretty well,At least the dim figure inside has been hit hard,Invisible,Has shown a very disgusting body。
Can save effort, naturally save effort,In front of mortal life, the black unicorn doesn’t care about the face,But must be prestigious,At the same time it is very interested in Fansheng’s firearms,That shocking sound just now,It seems to exceed the power of its palm,Naturally I wish these mortals would come a few more times。
“Didn’t you hear?One more time,That guy is going to slip。”Facing the blank stares of mortals,Hei Qilin speaks again and urges,Try to maintain a majestic attitude。
Clinker,The players almost ignored the indisputable majesty displayed by the black unicorn,But very interested in it,If it’s not for the current enemy,Someone is going to fight it,The captain is very old and composed,No matter if this big black lion is screaming,But know that the attack just now is very effective,So he ordered his teammates to fire。
After the harsh scream,It’s another***Into the tunnel,With a bang, the whole tunnel was completely destroyed,The black unicorn roared in mid-air,Go straight to the ruins of the tunnel,That very short moment in flight,Body quickly becomes smaller,Finally turned into a plume of black smoke,Actually got into a pile of rocks。
“Pretty!”The black unicorn is unique in the eyes of the special forces,How can mortals have this ability,In any case, I can’t figure out how such a huge body turned into a smoke?of course,This is an outsider,Possess features of variation that cannot be explained by science,The team members are not engaged in scientific research,One by one with long necks waiting for the black unicorn。
Lao Hei did not disappoint the players,Guessing,After a terrible boom,The tunnel blasted from the depths,Gravel,The black unicorn has restored its body,Dashing out from under the ruins with something in his mouth。
Chapter Ninety Seventy Seven Dilemma
The black unicorn landed imposingly,The thing on the mouth was also thrown to the ground by it,The black-red appearance looks like a mass of rotten meat,Some blood dripping lala,Exudes an extremely intoxicating bloody smell。
The players come to observe,Rotten meat can’t see the shape,No obvious head and limbs,It looks like a giant octopus just caught from the sea,Many tentacles,But stout and short,Form a skirt with folds,The barrel-like torso has two huge eyes,One of the eyes is gone,Revealing black and red blood holes,Terrible。
“Completely dead??”A team member asked the black unicorn,I always feel that there are extremely evil and terrible things hidden in this pile of rotten meat。
The black unicorn sprayed a puff of black smoke from his nostrils,Didn’t respond to the players at all,But raise your head,I walked away proudly,This time I dare not go far,Take a rest on the hill closest to the ruins。
Almost at the same time that the black unicorn charged towards the tunnel,The two spatial fissures of Liuyun Temple and Xinglong Mountain also changed at the same time.,Old man Dong has already made careful arrangements,Heavy weapons cooperate with Terran practitioners for the first time in concert,I don’t know how many rehearsals,Finally demonstrated a strong combat effectiveness,After paying a certain amount of casualties,Destroy all the two bloody supernatural powers。